Video: Joaquin Phoenix On David Letterman

So is this this acting? Drugs? Or what?

What do you think?-Dr.FB

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  1. I really see it differently, he obviously was just chillin and Dave started right off the bat makin fun of him. He was already nervous and Daves audience laugh because they know his (Daves) shtick that’s what some people do when they feel uncomfortable. Yeah he could have not worn the glasses and all, but it reminds me of Dave Chapelle talkin about how if you want back away from the biz or do something new people are always like YOUR CRAZY or your on drugs Hollywood is the one that’s crazy people don’t forget. So he didn’t suck up to Dave he’s doin his thing, LEAVE people the alone!

  2. Wow. I really felt for Dave in that clip. Why would JP even come on the show? He obviously doesn’t care about the film he’s promotnig, his appearance (when was the last time he washed or brushed his rat’s nest hair?) or his reputation. If it’s not drugs then it’s something in his head. Damn shame either way.

  3. Good point but to me this is a bad publicity stunt. He seemed higher than a kite on there. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Yeah I really don’t know about this. I saw a clip on YouTube before about him quitting the acting.
    I can’t tell if he’s for real… I hope not, cuz otherwise he’s really sick I think. I hope it’s a publicity stunt for some project coming up.

  5. I saw part of that last night and my mouth was to the floor. That dude, whether he was acting or not, is not right in the head. He looks like Charles Manson’s cousin. The man is not in his right mind at all.

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