Video: Jimmy Fallon Debuts To High Ratings & Justin Timberlake

Here is a highlight of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The guest is Justin Timberlake and was Jimmy’s first show. Check the clip and let us know what you think of Jimmy, Justin, and the baddest band in Late Night, The Roots.-Dr.DFB



  • infrrrno
    Posted at 13:36h, 04 March

    For the record, I’ve been a fan of Craig Ferguson’s CBS show since he went on the air. He just seems to be, in terms of being comfortable in his own skin as well as putting guests in an unguarded mood, arguably the best late night host since Carson. Still, you can’t land The Roots as your house band without piquing my curiosity. So I had to check out at least a few minutes.

    As Craig’s monologue ends, I switch from the commercial to Late Night. Here it is, Jimmy – your chance to grab me. There’s Fallon, standing next to an unfamiliar woman… and a copier. Now commences a minute worth of explaining that she is there to lick said copier, then deciding what part of the copier will be licked. And finally, she licks the copier’s glass. Should decide to offer video clips next to definitions, this clip should be featured for the word “anticlimax.”

    The audience applauds and cheers, almost certainly due to desperate offscreen prompting. It has all the earmarks of a talk-show comedy bit, save for it not being funny. All I can picture is a dense producer in a room of dense writers, failing to hear how rediculous he sounds as he says, “We only have De Niro, JT, Van Morrison, and The Roots! How the hell are we gonna fill all this time?” Needless to say, I return my TV to Craig. For the forseeable future.

  • uknowho
    Posted at 03:00h, 04 March

    dude….why they gotta go THERE?!


    love the dude….but he’s a hater!

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