Prince Will Be Performing On Leno May 28th

Jay Leno File Photo

Jay Leno File Photo


Not only will Prince be performing on Leno March 25 through the 27th, but he will also be returning to Leno on May 28th.  That's a total of four performances on Leno.  SWEET!!!!

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  1. “…A hat would be VERY good….”
    Yep.. agreed!!! Verrrrrrrry good.!!

  2. Ok, I’m a desperate housewife and need to see Prince on the rampage, Colonized Mind and U’re Gonna C Me.. I’m praying and I’m not even religious, to see a shirt of colourful flow3rblossom embellished with diamonds and matching guitar knobs. A hat would be VERY good.

  3. I have been out of the loop for a minute. Been working A LOT these days*sad face*. Missed like three of his shows here in LA. So upset about that. Wow!!! Leno? Oh how I wish I could get a hold of some tickets even if I could just get one I’d be exstatic. Lucky for me my friends aren’t big Prince fans.

  4. YAY!!! I can’t wait to see him :-)

  5. It’s a SATURDAY!!!!!! Are they going to pre-empt SNL??? What’s up w/that?

  6. Wow, this is too cool. ;-)

  7. Hey Prince —

    I like your new song Colonized Mind

  8. Well my goodness….
    I certainly live in the wrong area for the time being!
    Thank goodness I have a television!
    The excitement continues!

  9. ~fourth~

  10. look like i live on a burbank sidewalk

  11. Gr8t!

  12. :) sweet indeed.

  13. Sexy!

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