Maurice Jarre. File Photo

Maurice Jarre. File Photo

Oscar-winning composer MAURICE JARRE has died, aged 84.
The star lost his battle with cancer in Los Angeles on Sunday (29Mar09), according to the manager of his son, electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre.
Maurice Jarre shot to fame in 1962 when he wrote the score for Lawrence of Arabia, for which he was awarded his first Academy Award.
He won two further Oscars for Doctor Zhivago and A Passage to India, and composed music for more than 150 films.
He also wrote symphonic music for theatre, ballet and television, including the 1970s mini-series Jesus of Nazarath.
Jarre was honoured in February (09) with a lifetime achievement award at the Berlin Film Festival for his pioneering musical scores.
He is survived by his two sons, Jean-Michel and Kevin. (CL/WNWCAG/MJ)

Maurice Jarre, conducting his score for ‘Shogun’ (NBC, TV miniseries, 1980)

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