Number 1? Bria Valente & Prince Make An Interesting Bet

Bria Valente To Appear On Tavis Smiley.  Photo By....


We just received word* that Bria Valente and Prince have a gentlewoman's bet going on in need of resolution....

Despite the discriminatory practices of the music industry with regards to Prince for the past decade or so, Ms Valente has ALWAYS believed that their CD would enter the Billboard chart at NUMERO UNO.  Extremely high hopes for a BRAND NEW ARTIST like herself but early calculations show she may indeed get her wish!

This is where it gets interesting, everyone....

IF the CD does debut there, Prince has promised her a bash to end all bashes at a location of her choice.  I am gonna say this, our spies will not rest until we find out what Prince gets if Bria loses the bet.  I know this male mind short-circuits at the mere thought of the FINAL outcome!

We will keep you posted!-Dr.FB

*(Perhaps from a no-name reporter)

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  1. Washington, D.C. would be a good location :)

  2. Hey Prince —

    I would like to come to Bria’s party : )


  3. Celebration at Paisley Park?

  4. “THEIR CD would become number one” – I have to be honest and say it was a smart marketing move for Prince to include a new unknown artist cd along with HIS TWO CD’s.

    Bria is okay as a vocalist however my opinion is her voice is not strong enough or unique enough that would have had people running to the rekastow to purchase her cd.

    If she thinks she has anything to do with Prince’s success of the cd sales I think she is not being realistic. People are buying the cd to hear Prince’s latest materials and her cd is an item to just check out after the fact.

  5. hell yeah i’m buying 4 more copies today!!!!!!!!!

  6. Prince made an excellent choice….i not only project the album to top the chart at #1 but it will go platinum for sure. gonna go buy more cd’s 2day as well as emailing everyone i know. btw just heard espn mention Prince new album at target( was mentioned durning the Pistons/76ers game. the word is definetly out there!!!!!

  7. So everyone who is making a suggestion, are you going to target n buying more copies or telling your friends to buy more copies? lol

  8. Bria looks great in that picture. I hope the party is in NYC.

  9. I’m with Bria all the way…Pls. choose Paisley Park or Vegas.

  10. Bria:

    The 400 block of Deerfield Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland is breath-takingly beautiful and very inviting this time of year. ;-)

  11. no doubt he’s gonna get #1 come on pep it’s PRINCE!!!! there is no competition i have to go with bria on this one!!!!!! smart girl

  12. That would be brilliant for the US based fans :-D should she win, will Bria get to perform at this time?

  13. I’m all about another show….already seems like years since last weekend…needanothafix…..

  14. I thought Prince didn’t care about charts anymore.
    And if it does go #1, I am certain that it’s because of Bria Vallente and not the fact that it’s Prince’s most focused album since 1995’s Gold Experience. Too funny…

  15. I’m going to go to Target to buy another CD. Hope the fans get to go to the p1ty.

  16. I’m buying another copy 2day…………

  17. If she wins I hope she chooses MN, haha.

  18. Bria choose 77ItalyPark!

  19. She’ll win – it’s a dead cert:-)

  20. Do we get to come to this bash? hehehe! ;)

  21. haha cool..!! ;)

  22. i guess i should go buy another one lets go bria! hope the fans get to go to this celebration bash

  23. oh yeah!!! another show? I can’t wait :)

  24. Prince was wise with his sales in Europe, including CD’s in newpapers. I wonder if any of that smarts has rubbed off on his protege’…?

    We will see, huh…?

    Good luck Prince (if you were weak enough to need it).

    LOIVE (I am in LOVE)

    spiritual LOIVER

  25. Let me just say, the doc is rooting for Bria on this one Prince.

    Oh yea, and first. :)

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