John & Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere

John & Kate Plus 8.  Photo: TLC
John & Kate Plus 8.  Photo: TLC

John & Kate Plus 8. Photo: TLC

John & Kate Plus 8's season premiere was last night. 


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  1. I think the saddest part about there divorce is they both claim to be Christians, and as a christian to work on your marriage, they are examples to the whole world , I believe they are living the worlds way, and not God way, I pray for the family . AND THEY SHOULD KNOW its not to late , they can still get it together.

  2. Jon and Kate Plus 8 Show is a great show, do you know where i could watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 Show online streaming?

  3. Hello, I do like Kate and I do like John too. I am saddened that it has come to a divorce between both of them. It’s too bad for the kids. Can’t you guys patch your differences for your kids’ sake. You got married twice and I watched when you renewed your vows in Hawaii. It was wonderful, you looked so much in love. People say that Kate is bossy, well she has to be with 8 kids… I think that she is a very nice person and so is John. They should try to patch things up. Anyway, I will pray for both you that you forgive each other and be happy with your family.
    I have been watching your show since the beginning and I love it.

    Lachine, Quebec, Canada

  4. Dear Kate,

    I have watched your program for a long time, for a while it has been all about you, you are bossy, and self centered. You spend on your hair, tummy tuck, a personal trainer, clothes galore, a cook, and you do most of the talking,after 8 years another wedding in Hawaii.
    The way you speak is very demeaning.
    I heard that the money is supposed to go 100% to the children, not to pamper you, that is the law.
    This show appears to be about you, you have changed, and it is not for the better.

    You all for yourself’


  5. I don’t think you are wrong. I never liked the way she treated him. She seems to be somewhat of a control freak. Jon is/was not happy being in the spotlight but Kate seems to thrive in it. I don’t think she considered his feeling at all and it caused a rift between them. Clearly they want different things right now. It’s a shame all of this is happeeing in the public eye. I feel bad for the kids, they seem to love both of them very much.

  6. I appreciate your positive comments. I did edit the celebrity mentioned as it did not pertain to the story. Thank you again for your comments.

    Now, back to the subject at hand. I blame her. Am I wrong?

  7. I am somewhat addicted to this show and I was sad last night watching how Jon and Kate barely looked at or spoke to each other. I have been watching since the begining and to see the couple fall apart is sad….I was never a big fan of Kate (I don’t like how she treats Jon) but I was sad for BOTH of them.
    BTW Dr FB, Thanks for all of the great updates here and on twitter! Keep up the good work!

  8. I wonder if next season we will see the spin-off Jon minus 9.

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