Madonna’s Celebration Cover Revealed

Madonna Celebration Cover
Madonna Celebration Cover

Madonna Celebration Cover

Here is the cover to Madonna's next single "Celebration" and the artwork looks hot retro. The single will be off her upcoming greatest hits CD and her last CD with Warner Bros.

What do you think of the cover?-Dr.FB

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  1. Not original or flattering

  2. You mean this one?lol

    I am all for drawing on your inspirations.But Ii am getting really sick of straight up reproductions,copies,samples and the like.Ugh!Madonna can do better than this!

  3. I like it. Hey she is just tieing up her start and present with a song and this harks to a time i will be proud to have known. But it isnt unique I mean we all can do a warhol if we hit 6 keys in PS3. I would have caused a rukus like the good old days and tie them to 3 crosses family style. GOD….ohhhhh whooooo hoooooo LIFE IS A MISS TOUR on EEEE

  4. So ugly, she looks like a pig. The original photo from Vanity Fair 1990 was attractive, but this re-creation is very unflattering. Her eyes look like two pieces of coal.

  5. i don’t like it…. i like the monroe/warhol prints too much to like this……

    and one of her eyebrows is bigger than the other at the front… xD

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