Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian: “Michael Jackson Wanted It”

Wow. Watch around the 4:20 mark. Dr. Death Jack Kevorkian says that Michael Jackson was not murdered because Michael Jackson wanted it.

What do you think of his comments?-Dr.FB

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  1. I think Dr. Jack Kevorkian was a brilliant man. His idea of death being a human right, was 100 percent accurate. Any person that is suffering so much that controlling their own bodies becomes too difficult or even impossible should have the right to die. Suffering in which the pain is so intolerable that the person dealing with it can not bare it, should definitely have the right to death. I will keep my comments on “M.J.” to myself.

  2. The difference here though is that Michael didn’t want to die. Dr. Kevorkian would assist his terminal patients who wanted to die.


  4. i agree with what he said about MJ, but as for the rest, I’m left with a what-the-eff feeling.

  5. I wish Michael had chilled on a lot of things he was known for…the surgeries, precription drugs etc. I miss Michael too.

  6. Dr. Kevorkian is correct albeit lacking in some skill of imparting this information or his opinion.

    Yes, I agree, Michael Jackson knew what the drugs were for, what they can do and for a person with his psychological profile the idea of dying peacefully vis a vis a drug induced coma or cardiac arrest is highly probable.

  7. ^I agree with Scott

  8. I agree with Dr. K-he paid people to give him drugs.

  9. What he say’s is pretty much true. Extreme but true.

  10. I think anyone that takes drugs to the extent MJ did, has a death wish. The drugs he was requesting had a very high risk of death. Why does it surprise anyone that he may have been playing Russian Roulette with his life.?

  11. Everybody is intitled to their own opinion. Kevorkian’s thought’s mean NOTHING to me. I thought Dr. Death had died anyway ?

    RIP Michael … love ya always

  12. he can kiss my ass too – like latoya and joe – he thinks EVERYBODY wants it!!! why is he still here talkin anyway??? lord these people will interview anybody, just anybody.

  13. Um, it’s Jack Kevorkian – not Steve.

  14. … I hold no validity what so ever with what that “quack” has to say. Everybody and their momma has an “opinion” about MJ’s death. I’m not gonna sit here and say let the brotha be at peace but enough is enough.

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