Ellen Replaces Paula Abdul On American Idol Permanently

Ellen Degeneres File Photo
Ellen Degeneres File Photo

Ellen Degeneres File Photo

Wow. Fox has just announced that Ellen Degeneres is now the permanent 4th judge on American Idol and is replacing Paula Abdul.

Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, what's her face and Ellen. Wow.

Ellen will be a judge for the next 5 years. Ellen has already released a statement:

“I’m thrilled to be the new judge on AMERICAN IDOL,” said DeGeneres. ”I’ve watched since the beginning, and I’ve always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true, and think of all the money I’ll save from not having to text in my vote.”

I had no idea they were even considering Ellen.  What do you all think of this move?-Dr.FB

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  1. Bad choice, she knows nothing about singing, or comedy for that matter. What were they thinking. This viewer will no longer be watching what was a great show. She probably just wants to hit on whats her name.

  2. This is a BAD choice. I like Ellen but what does she know about singing and being pitchy or all that other technical stuff that goes into vocals? It seems like they just wanted to give the show some fluff or something but all I can see is Ellen joking all the damn time and while I’m down with humor, there’s a time and a place for it. The more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to not watch American Idol next year. AI should have given Paula the money she deserved. It’s a damn shame.

  3. I might be more interested in the show only because she might bring a different spin to the show,
    but I would have thought that they would have someone who was musically inclined for the part(?).

  4. I absolutely love Ellen!But I think bad choice for the show!Should have got rid of the latest judge instead of Paula!Really don’t understand their thinking here!The show itself is a farce anyhow!Just a dog & pony show!

  5. I for one am quite excited… I like Ellen and I like Idol, so it’s a win-win for me!

  6. but who better to judge a comedy show than a comedienne? perfect choice

  7. THIS IS WHACKED….I guess they needed a comedic element to judging I thought Ellen was great on SYTYCD as a guest judge for dancing since she loves to dance. But judging a singing competition this is a mockery.

  8. Will she break out in dance before giving her decision? 😉

  9. Ok..interesting choice………but I love Ellen so it should be interesting…does she even have a background in music?

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