Lady Gaga Performs “Bad Romance” On X Factor

Here is Lady Gaga on X-Factor and well...at least she sounds good.

Check it out n let me know what you think.-Dr.FB

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  1. I liked it !!! … yo go Lady Gaga.

  2. She wanted sheep and butterflies on stage but was not allowed, then Radio 1 really building it up saying she could not do a phone interview due to rehearsing such a complex routine etc etc LOL so actually I felt let down with this offering

  3. b3xy …. get your hearing aid checked and your spelling/grammar checked

  4. prefered Janets performance tbh

  5. She definitely sang every note live. I agree wtih Shalon… Lady Gaga is Madonna 2.0 and a “bad bitch, baby” LOL…

    By the way, Home Depot had a special on tub pianos just last week and sold out. Darn them!

  6. The blond hair and super dark eyebrows are so ala Madonna.

    One wonders where I can get a bathtub big enough for an orgy and with a piano attached to the side.

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