Happy Birthday Tiger Woods!

Tiger Woods. File Photo
Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Happy birthday to Tiger Woods who turns 34 today.

What would you get Tiger Woods for his birthday today?-Dr.FB

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  1. May this birthday be the beginning of the best years of your life.
    Happy Birthday Tiger.

  2. Surprising that someone like him that is so controlling of his professional life (brand, oncourse emotions, golf swing) would then be so out of control in his private life. Just goes to show he’s not as perfect as he makes himself out to be.

  3. LOL! Hi I’m Andre Crabtree III..I got more hoes than a golfcourse! Now that is some funny shizzle!

    I would get Tiger a better manager, and a few “real” friends that actually don’t rat him out and let him deal with this problem in private. Also, I would teach how to leave voicemail messages correctly. WORD UP!

    What up Dr. Funkenberry! Happy New Year Baby!

  4. Before this year, I would have been thrilled to share a birthday with Tiger. But this year, meh. Gotta wonder what’s next with him…

  5. Andre Crabtree III I think is the perfect name!
    The perfect gift I don’t think I am allowed to post a link to here :/

    I think you get the picture
    ciao and he has done more holes than the golf course

  6. i am sure his wife bought him a new pair of undies with built in trackingdevice….
    They say wisdom comes with age! i am sure he is a looooooot wiser now ROFLOL

  7. Andre Crabtree!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s clever!!!
    I would send him a card with the quote from the bible where JC says “let he (she) without sin cast the first stone”, but then again, maybe that card should b sent 2 all those sorry SOBs that have talked all kinds of smack ’bout TW, as if they walk on water!!!
    I ain’t mad @ nobody that gives in 2 sins of the flesh. 4 them that don’t, kudos, but that don’t put u in a position 2 judge.
    The only position that should put u in, is on ur knees, thanking whatever u believe in 4 not having burdened u with that overwhelming weakness. Trust me, i KNOW what i’m talkin’ ’bout.
    Pull the 2 by 4 outta ur eye b4 u point out the splinter in ur neighbors’!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Andre Crabtree III 😉

  9. a lawyer, but i guess he probably already has one of those, so nothing!

  10. A Membership in a Sperm Bank and a Vasectomy. Otherwise, I smell ink being mixed for paternity suits waiting to be written.

  11. Should get him another girlfriend. Even though it seems as if he has enough right now. lol
    Or maybe a chasity belt. He needs some time alone. lol 2 reflect.

  12. Tiger should vanish on something like the witness protection programme: get himself re-located, change his face and re-emerge as a wild card unknown from the ghetto to re-claim his crown.

  13. Well, I know he doesn’t need any more ho’s does he?

  14. Nice picture. Hugs for Tiger.

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