Jay Leno Takes Over Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel took it to Leno last night by dressing up as Jay on his show.

What does ABC stand for? Always Bump Conan. Ouch!-Dr.FB

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  1. That whole thing is such bullshit. Maybe let’s just accept that Jay may be stuck where he is-or he’s done all together. U can’t F*uck with the TONIGHT SHOW time slot! Its been a staple of american culture ssince the 60’s. NBC shouldn’t have f*cked w a good thing. Conan is the MAN and is finally settling into as far as MY BRAIN is concerned as host-and has always been why I watched NBC latenight in the 1st place. I was never a fan of Fallon-but he’s finally getting it-and I’m enjoying his show. LEAVE IT ALONE. (My humble opinion)

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