Pink Lets It All Hang Out At Grammys

Pink Grammys

Pink GrammysPink Grammys

Pink GrammysPink GrammysPink Grammys

Without even seeing the performance, just looking at these photos alone, you can see why I think Pink had the performance of the night.

Sorry Lady Gaga, you started out strong but the musical duet with Elton John did not go over so well with me and others.  I still love ya, but it's the truth.  Pink may not have one a grammy, but she won the night.-Dr.FB

Comments (7)
  1. I just like to FUCK her

  2. she did not even sing………..she is so lame

  3. pink was incredible…she is so lickable

  4. WOOOW !! very nice!! seemed like an amazin performance …
    A supercool chick Pink!!!

  5. Unique and GREAT performance!!!!

  6. I agree Doc. WOW!!!

  7. She looks amazing and sounded great during her performance. Go Pink!

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