Snooki Gets Her Guido Cookie

Snooki Gets Her Guido Cookie

Snooki and Guido Juicehead.

Snooki and Guido Juicehead. Photo:

Snooki and her boytoy Emilio, who she is calling Guido Juicehead landed at LaGuardia airport yesterday and made sure to give him a kiss for the cameras.

MTV is reeling in the stars for partying too much and only allowing them to do 2 personal appearances a week.  Also, the producers have to approve the appearances.  Seems like MTV might be a afraid of a little too much over exposure too fast?

The “Jersey Shore” reality star has been everywhere as of late and is a guilty pleasure of celebs.  Emma Roberts was on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” “The Jay Leno Show” last night and admitted she was all about Jersey Shore as Jay surprised her with an autograph of the cast and a GTL shirt.

Perhaps Snooki may want to get her man a GTL shirt because that Ed Hardy shirt is more played out than that “Pants On The Ground” song.  Either get him that GTL shirt or one of these. I know Snooki would look in it.-Dr.FB




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