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What’s Up Doc? American Idol Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to a new installment of “What’s Up Doc?” and this week we cover the American Idol drama. Ellen quits! Kara’s fired.  J Lo and Steven Tyler are the judges?  What? Let’s discuss all the drama above and share your thoughts.-Dr.FB

Shocker! Ellen Quits American Idol!!!!!!!

Ellen Degeneres. File Photo

This was rumor as of yesterday as Ellen was under contract for 5 years and would have to quit if Nigel Lithgow, the producer of American Idol, who has returned to the show, was going to make changes to Idol. So in a Tweet, Ellen said  “Dim the lights…I’ve voted myself off American Idol.” It […]

The Saturday’s Cover Justin Bieber’s “Baby”

Yes, it’s a slow news day. So you get rewarded with a cover of The Saturdays covering “Baby” by Justin Bieber. It’sa good cover and we wonder now if Justin will try doing an acoustic cover of it now?-Dr.FB

Kid Hockey Fight

We really don’t know what to say to this. Check out this kids Hockey fight and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Is Paris Hilton Packing?

Paris Hilton. Photo:

Why does it seem to us that something is going on in the lower region of Paris Hilton’s bathing suit? We know she usually travels with a lot of luggage but this is ridic. Do you see what I see?-Dr.FB