Emmy Nominations for Sheila E., Wendy & Lisa


Members of Prince's extended purple family received nominations in the 2010 Emmy Awards today.

Sheila E. was nominated in the "Outstanding Music Direction" category for the event In Performance At The White House: Fiesta Latina which aired on PBS. In addition to performing, Sheila was also musical director for the entire show.

Former Revolution members Wendy & Lisa, who have been longtime musical collaborators, were nominated for their work on the Showtime series "Nurse Jackie". They were nominated in the category for "Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music" (listen here)

Congratulations to Sheila, Wendy and Lisa on their nominations. We'll be rooting for you come Emmy night! - Dr.FB

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  1. Congrats to these well deserving women! :hugs:

  2. Sheila dressin that picture is looking very 20TEN

  3. Gone with yal bad selves! Kick butt and take names! Girl Power!!! Much Luv; Mpls.

  4. Congrats to the ladies !!! … I’m glad that they are not competing against each other … I hope they all win :o)

  5. yet you proved by mentioning them they can’t escape his shadow. The day where there is news about them and he is not mentioned, I brt they will be happy. :)

  6. No surprise there. These ladies are mega-talented! Along with Rosie Gaines, Erica Leeds, Michael Bland and Atlanta Bliss, these are the most talented of the artists/instrumentalists that Prince ever had.

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