Video: Bleeding Student Robbed In London Riots

Video: Bleeding Student Robbed In London Riots


London.  What’s happening?  Seriously.  We know some stuff is going down but all the riots and fires and looting.  Is there cause or just an excuse.  The video above shows a student being robbed during the riots.  At first, it looks like he is being helped.

After the student is helped off the ground (look at the blood he left on the ground) and checking on his mouth where the bleeding is from, the person who helped him is now holding him while another person goes through his backpack and takes what looks like a tablet or something that was wrapped. 

It is inhuman.  I do wonder one thing in all of this.  The tablet or whatever it was, was in plastic.  Was the student’s item that was stolen actually stolen in the first place?  It is some crazy stuff going on over there.

According to Fox L.A., his phone and wallet were also taken.

I do hope it all comes to an end soon.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Watch And Record, But Don’t Put Down The Camera To Help…Right?



  • m204
    Posted at 07:23h, 13 August

    The guy who took the video [has also handed it over to the police] says that any money he is given by selling it to the networks is going straight to Ashraf and people have been donating to him as a fund has been set up to assist him.

  • m204
    Posted at 07:20h, 13 August

    He broke his jaw; is getting help. They have arrested one of the guys. Ashraf Haziq is his name and he was a Malaysian student studying here in London. I can’t watch this video, am ashamed and horrified what has happened in London as a Londoner. Thank God that it wasn’t worse for him. 4 people have been killed in the UK riots, with approx 1400 arrests and 700 approx convicted so far.

  • anon
    Posted at 12:46h, 12 August

    I recognised the man that was apparently helping him up and then held him so his croonies could rob him. (THe one with the stripe down his track suit bottoms) Have named and shamed the person and hopefully he will get what he deserves, Us English are not all the same and I really hope justice prevails.

  • John
    Posted at 20:24h, 10 August

    I like the attitude of “put down the camera and help”
    but sadly not everyone is Superman able to fight a criminal gang on his/her own…

  • Katy
    Posted at 18:40h, 10 August

    I hope it ends too. I’m from England.

  • GA
    Posted at 11:46h, 10 August

    A rehearsal for next years Olympics tourists.

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