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Backstage Footage Of West Coast Leg of Katy Perry’s Tour

Here is some backstage footage of Katy Perry on the West Coast leg of her most recent tour. From burping to farting in what she re-named “Candyfornia” she gives us all access. I never heard someone compare Santa Barbara to the south of France though…..-DocFB Diagnosis: Rebecca Black…is back…

Giving The Prince Fans Some Purple Facebook Love….

Prince NPG Records 2011 Exclusive For

Make sure to check out our Facebook Fan Page for a little purple flavor…… We hope you have a good weekend and want to start it off on a good funky note. Hope you enjoy it.-DocFB Diagnosis:  Hoping Doc’s limousine comes through or I might be blue….

Adele Releases Video For “Someone Like You”

The soulful Adele has released a video for “Someone Like You” and it is beautifully shot in black and white. It would be cool to take that walk in the video with someone like you?  Am I right? Check out the latest from Adele and let us know what you think.-DocFB Diagnosis:  It’s Isn’t Over…..