David Bowie. Photo: Jamie McCarthy WireImage.com

David Bowie.  Photo:  Jamie McCarthy WireImage.com

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  1. Today Courtney Love on the Howard Stern was asked by Howard about artists with new music out and not backing up with a tour when Howard mentioned David Bowie’s new CD THE NEXT DAY… Courtney came back in a somber voice softly saying to Howard ‘I’ll tell you later”……
    Something is not right with Bowie’s health I believe….when Rod Stewart was on Howard a few weeks back when Bowie’s name was mentioned Rod seemed somber in his reply about Bowie.
    Today I gave Bowie’s THE NEXT DAY CD another listen and its sounds like a farewell CD.
    Just like Joey Ramone and Warren Zevon put out ….This is so sad.
    David hang in there we love you!

    Don Stixz
    Levittown NU

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