X Factor Judges Fight Over Audition That Is D.O.A.

I've never seen Simon Cowell so disgusted over a vote of no before.

Tiah Tolliver had Simon fighting for her and L.A. Reid siding with Simon as Nicole and Paula were steadfast on a no.  (Make sure ot watch the whole clip especially after the voting around the 9:14 mark.  Wowza.)

Did Paula or Nicole see "Steel" like Simon did? Check out the clip to see if Paula or Nicole changed their vote to a yes....-DocFB

Diagnosis: D.O.A. OR A Fighting Chance?


4Shore Cover “End Of The Road” For X Factor

4Shore got 4Shore's to make it past the audition of X Factor.

They covered "End Of The Road" by Boyz II Men that judge L.A. Reid wrote.

Seriously, the talent on X Factor is the business. You know I am not lying because it is not like there are Pepsi ads everywhere.

Peep 4Shore from Virginia Beach on X Factor-DocFB

Diagnosis:  It May Not Have Idol's Ratings....Yet....


14 Year Old Drew Covers “Baby” By Justin Bieber For X Factor

Drew Ryniewicz at 14 years old could be classified as a baby, but instead, she covered "Baby" by Justin Bieber and made it her own.

She blew away L.A. Reid, who we have been told a dozen times that he signed Justin Bieber.  What that means to us is if Drew can go far, she will be performing with Justin Bieber at some time during this X Factor year.  Watch out Selina!

She did a good job and was rather balsy to switch it up and make it hers.  Love it.

Check out Arizona's own Drew taking it to a whole level above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  America.....really does have talent on this show....


Cody Simpson Performs “On My Mind” On Ellen

New teen sensation Cody Simpson performed "On My Mind" On Ellen.

I must say it is cool to see the young talent singing live and singing well. Yes, it's a poppy tune....but admit it...you are listening to this song....and perhaps...it is on your mind.

Cody Simpson is blowing up and judging by the audience of Ellen, Cody has fans for life.

Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: So.....Am I On Your Mind?


X Factor Contestant Nails “At Last” By Etta James

Simon Cowell didn't believe Josh Krajcik when he said he was going to sing "At Last" by Etta James. Even I didn't.

L.A. Reid called it that this was his "before" moment with what he was wearing and to give his burrito job to someone else.

Josh Kajcik killed it. A white boy singing soul like Lou Reed and David Bowie rised up inside of him.

Loved it. Glad X Factor is giving us quite a lot of good auditions.  Unless Simon is not as mean as he used to be.  Nahhhhh.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Soul Comes From Many Different Places.....


Jamie Kennedy Look-A-Like Gives “Creep”y X Factor Audition

Although described as being from another planet, J. Mark Inman impressed and made it through the X Factor audition.

He performed "Creep" from Radiohead and L.A. Reid said it perfectly; "It sounded so bad but felt so good."

Simon did not even get to vote but all 3 of the other judges including Cheryl Cole put the Jamie Kennedy look a like through.

Wowsa.  Check it out above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Planet Paula


Wow. Former Prince Protegé Tries Out For X Factor

Sigh. A former Prince protegé tried out for X Factor last night. No, it wasn't Tevin Campbell.

We had a Prince impersonator last week and this week an acutal former protegé of Prince's.  At this rate, Prince will be on the show by the end of the season.

Robin Royal aka back in the early 90's known as Robin Power, tried out for X Factor last night. For 45, her body was still banging. Her voice, however. No. Well, she was to be a female rapper for Prince and we now know why.

You could tell Simon, L.A., and Paula were hoping for something good out of Robin aside from her body...and they didn't get it.

She seemed gracious and didn't trip out.  Check out her audition above and please forgive me trying to hold in my laugh at the 24 second mark.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Number 1, Or Nothing At All.....(The Purpleheadz Will Understand...)