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  4. Chocolatsis65

    This is an odd request but if U *Prince* read this. I’m trying to get my closest brother to go to the Tacoma show and he’s never seen u B4. I wanted 2 go out there but I cant 🙁 so the request may sound kinda wierd, like u don’t have enough AMAZING songs of ur own 2 play, but if played “Long train runnin” like u did at Paisley Park it would blow his mind!!! ppl just dont understand if they haven’t been blessed with ur presence and playing as much as some of us have. So if u indeed do read this, pretty pwease:)! Oh and he is very much a funky white boy! he’s a kook and the most generous loving brother anyone could ask 4. Kinda sounds like u cept ‘he no lov Jah:(:(:( YeT 🙂

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