Prince Photo: Jordan Strauss

Prince  Photo:  Jordan Strauss

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  1. maybe its me but ive been on here for over a half hour and i just cant find anywhere to click to hear the rehearsal. can u please email me and tell me what to do? thank u. darthcdx at aol dot com

  2. Mr goodnight
    Wherever you go,whatever you do
    Pritty man
    Baby knows
    So far,so pleased
    Hot wit u
    Betcha by golly wow
    Call my name

  3. Paisley park
    Face down
    Pop life
    raspberry beret
    Purple rain
    U got the look b
    Right back here in my arms

  4. She’s always in my hair,17days,uptown,hello,controversy

  5. I looked for pictures to see if Andre Cymone’ was there. I miss him on the scene. Houston is begging for Prince live. Tell him I’m ready to travel now my grandbaby is over a year old! LET’S FUNK IT UP!!!!!!!!

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