Andy Allo Shows Us What It Takes To Be A Superconductor

Andy Allo Record Plant

It is a little bit after midnight when I arrive at The Record Plant in Hollywood to talk with and listen to Andy Allo's "Superconductor" tonight. What I hear over the next few hours is an artist that is on the rise and willing to challenge herself and others around her to get there.

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Drfunkenberry Visits Andy Allo In The Studio…..


It's around 6:30 in the morning right now. I left the recording studio in Los Angeles with Andy Allo and some funky people a short time ago. I was able to hear some "Superconductor" tracks for the first time and full versions of songs. Long story, short, I was digging them.

I will go into further depth into the tracks and the things that transpired there but the Dr. has an appointment with the sandman right now.

From what I remember, there was some table tennis playing, somewhat one-sided mind you, some grooving in the studio, and getting deep into music, from the personal side to the business side.

It was a cool night and I will get deeper later but wanted to share what I could before I get a little rest. One problem though; those grooves on "Superconductor" may be playing in my head while it is laying on my pillow.

Might need to play some Sade to put me to sleep or something.-DocFB


D’Angelo Set To Play 4th Of July Concert On The Sunset Strip In L.A.

D'Angelo File Photo D'Angelo File Photo D'Angelo File Photo

D'Angelo played his first U.S. show in 12 years at the Bonnaroo Music Festival earlier this month and will now be playing the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip on the 4th of July. Tickets though, will not come cheap.

The tickets go on sale Friday at 10 A.M. and after all the ticketmaster charges, it will cost you about $129.00.  The L.A. Times is reporting that tickets are on sale now via The Live Nation mobile App.

According to  Roots drummer Questlove, D'Angelo has 30 new songs recorded and ready for release.

Questlove said D'Angelo had recently "discovered Bowie and Zeppelin, the Beatles, 'Pet Sounds,' Captain Beefheart and Zappa," adding that the new works see D'Angelo experimenting more with guitars. It may or may not be coming out in late summer/early fall, according to Questlove.

Surprisingly, this will be only the 3rd studio album released by D'Angelo.  Questlove performed with D'Angelo at Bonnaroo with former Time and Original 7ven guitarist Jesse Johnson.

Right now, it looks like the fireworks will be at the House Of Blues on July 4th as this show is about to be the hottest ticket in town.-DocFB


New Andy Allo Interview Talks “Superconductor” Distribution, Inspiration, & The Dating Question

Andy Allo. Facebook.com/AndyAllo Andy Allo. Facebook.com/AndyAllo Andy Allo. Facebook.com/AndyAllo

A new interview with Andy Allo talks about "Superconductor"'s distribution, chitlins, The Chappelle Show Prince basketball skit, and more!

The DJ's at KSFM tried to label Andy as Prince's girlfriend, but had them "slow their roll" as she said they were just friend's. After they got the Prince question out of the way, they were able to concentrate on her and the upcoming "Superconductor" album, her influences,

Here is part one, where they talk about Prince, the Chappelle Show, and Andy's Basketball skills.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

In part two, Andy talks about her influences, Nina Simone, Sly & The Family Stone, and even throws in some Ice Cube for good measure. They also talk about how long she has been a singer and how the DJ scared beautiful women. She also touches base on distribution and how Universal is interested.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And in part 3, they play a slightly longer version of "People Pleaser" than you have heard before. She talks about working on "Superconductor" with Prince, Maceo Parker, The Hornheadz, and THE NPG and the DJ wanting to add some triangle to the album. We also find out that the album is planned to be 9 songs.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

All in all, a very good interview as we found out more about "Superconductor" and Andy is having some fun. We hear there might be some coverage of Andy in the local Sacramento paper and a cover story as well before things get kicked off in the national spotlight.

Check out the interview above and let us know what you think.-DocFB


UPDATE: Denied! Wham! Featuring George Michael Set To Return 30 Years After 1st Hit?

Wham!  Promo Photo Wham! Promo Photo Wham! Promo Photo

Until George Michael tweets about it, I don't believe it. BUT, news is circulating this morning that Wham! is set to reunite for....ONE NIGHT ONLY...around George Michael's new single "White Light" at the end of June.

Wham consisted of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley til the group broke up in 1986 and George Michael's solo career took off.

This is all coming from "The Daily Mirror" which is why I'm not so sure about the story. They did break the story a few years ago of George and his boyfriend splitting although George denied it and fans attacked me on Twitter, but the story did indeed turn out to be true.

"White Light" is set for release June 29th and is a song about the illness last year that almost killed him. Also, it is 30 years since "Wham! Rap" was a hit in the UK, the band's first hit.

The source claims George and Andrew feel it is one of those now or never moments and will most likely be a one-off show.  Yea, we don't really see people clamoring for a Wham! world tour to hear Andrew do back-up vocals to "Everything She Wants" anytime soon.

Were you ever a Wham! fan?  Were you a bigger Wham! fan than George Michael?  Harvey Levin, that question is for you too, buddy!-DocFB

UPDATE: George Michael's reps state there is no truth to the reunion.


Video: Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” Reflects & Gets Huntsman On Us

There is something about Katy Perry that at times seems innocent to us and at the same time like she is pulling the wool over our eyes. Both happens in her clip for "Wide Awake" but what we see is innocence lost.

The video is set to take place after her "California Girls" video where her career skyrockets and her entire life changes, from being one of the top 2 female singers on the planet to a love-struck marriage to Russell Brand that ultimately ended in divorce. The kid in her returns however.

What does little "Kathryn" Perry symbolize? Perhaps it is the Katy of today fighting for the happiness of that little girl. To not be fooled or shackled or to eat the poison strawberry. To not be fooled that you need a Prince Charming and to find the happiness inside you and to live for you. To never give up on your candyland dreams or of world domination.

The video is beautifully stunning. With that little caterpillar climbing alongside the hill to Katy Perry able to shoot fireworks or a spell from her breasts one more time. There is a "Snow White & The Huntsman" feel to it and "Kathryn" gets her "Hulk Smash" on as well.

It is a fun video with a serious message. One that may be lost on some but not the doc.

What do YOU think of the video?-DocFB


Video: Rick Ross Featuring Usher “Touch’N You”

Here is "Touch'N You" By Rick Ross and Usher. The song features a slower flow from Rick Ross while trying to seduce a Nicki Minaj look-alike while Usher croons.

I'm digging the jam but sometimes the lyrics....especially the ode to 2Pac seem....a little easy.

Ross does put his own on it and Usher still proves he is the person you have sing while rapping over a beat. Ask Jermaine Dupri about that one.

The song is good....but will I still be playing it in August?

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.-DocFB