D’Angelo Gives The Performance Of The Night On BET Awards! Watch Now!

With no introduction, D'Angelo took the stage at the BET Awards performing (Untitled) "How Does It Feel" and "Sugar Daddy" a new song that he debuted on his European Tour earlier this year.

His performance was the highlight of the night as he took the stage for almost 8 minutes. It was good to see him up there for real. No cursing. Just straight music and obviously enjoying himself.

Hopefully, the Doc will be there for his show at the House Of Blues this Wednesday in Los Angeles on the 4th of July.

Check out the performance above.

Did U all miss D'Angelo?-DocFB

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  1. I love Sugar daddy but the begining reminds me of People pleaser (Andy Allo) a lot. Which one was first?

  2. It was ok… didn’t move any mountains for me… and yes Musgrave, Sign O’ indeed!

  3. Nice to see the 1987 – Sign Of the Times tour – back around. I think I even seen Wally and Br. Brooks on the back up Micc — Ooppps did I just say that out loud???

    Musgrave – Chicago

  4. Lovely Sweetness One D’
    The NOW
    Much Love

  5. Brilliant!

    Gotta give massive props to him. He performs a song no one knows for 8 mins, mixed with jam sessions on mainstream TV and in front of an audience of products. Sends them all back to school.

    The look on non-talent’s faces like Minaj or Brown is priceless. However it’s disheartening at the same time to see spots of the crowd on their feet (and even some of them are unsure or doing it for show) and the rest doing their best Deer-in-headlights impression. Sad times.

    D’angelo – A modern day MASTER.

  6. Wow… That was tight. He’s back and channeling Prince. He even did the 25 hits. One of my friends from the D.C. days is on keys… Raymond Angry. Nice to see/hear real music by real musicians on the BET Award show…

  7. its just so good to see the man back on stage, welcome back d. we missed you

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