There Is A God & He Is Not A Guido! Jersey Shore Ends After 6 Seasons!

After 6 seasons, the Jersey Shore will be leaving the MTV airwaves. No more Snooki. No more J-Wowww. No more Situation. No more Pauly D. Well…that is not exactly true.

Snooki and J. Wowww have their own MTV show (Snooki And JWowww) now and so does Pauly D. (The Pauly D. Project.) but the rest of the Jersey Shore cast does not.

Season 6 of the Jersey Shore will debut on October 4th on MTV.-DocFB




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  2. Giovanni777

    Ahhh, wait a minute there, Doc. This show is a thorn in the side of every real Italian-American, and I’m very glad it’s going away.

    I implore you to edit your headline, as “Guido” is in fact an ethnic slur, and it’s not okay to use it.


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