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  2. lesley

    Ummm, Some of you guys making comments on here should stop. Just like there will never be another Michael Jackson, there will never be another Prince Roger Nelson, not in lifetime(s). He is very talented and has always over the years used new and upcoming talent, which is really cool, because it gives new talent to introduce themselves too the world. It also gives him a chance to work with other talented people. Andy has her own way of singing, she more like a comtemporary jazz or soft-rock type singer. Listen to her earlier work. As for Mr. Nelson, ya’ll better leave my sweet-heart alone, Lol.

  3. True Cool. Still a badass, nobody can touch him live or memerox. Chicago is in for a treat. The place to be for September and October.

  4. Can’t believe he’s back in america! With the lawsuits and all…and “the time”, that couldnt even release a disc under their own band name, cuz he has a lock on it !!! W.T.F.??? Go back to sweden or australia or wherever…maybe he released some music worth buying there.

  5. Nina

    I’ve been a fan since the first album, and seen him do some strange things…but this looks ridiculous. Is he trying to hide his aging eyes?

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