Prince Photo: Justine Walope

Prince Photo: Justine Walope

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  1. OK..Prince never listens to anyone but himself ..and james brown!
    I would love to see him collaborate 50/50 with linda perry, bjork. dangelo.erykah badu. kate bush, foo fighters…challenging work at last .
    OR…Get a bunch of horny new younger talents who are ready to go to the death when they play and never heard Purple Rain. Maybe ?
    Whatever x

  2. Love your music, If you get a chance check out my book called The Poet-life in a poem, And I hope you do another concert in phoenix soon. Thank-you, The Poet

  3. This sucks, sorry. It’s another not inspired mash-up of half of his old songs brewed into something what i couldn’t call a new song but a medley. You can hear 1999, Girls and Boys, Take me with you, The one you wanna C, and several others. But not in the good way. Thumbs down :(

  4. I LOVE it! Can’t keep still.

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