Prince & Andy Allo On Jimmy Kimmel Mini-Review & Recap

Hello funkenbabies. Trying to give you the downlow and what is happening on Kimmel so check back for more updates...

Andy performed all in white with a 12 piece band that included Maceo Parker.  She performed "People Pleaser" and "If I Was King" off her "Superconductor" record due 11/20/12.

Prince & The NPG performed "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and a web exclusive version of "Dance Electric"  (You will see it at the end of credits but a full version will be available on Jimmy Kimmel's site and here tomorrow.

After the camera's stopped rolling and loud chants of "We Want Prince", Prince performed "Take Me With U" but something was wrong with his guitar, which was working fine for the past 2 numbers.  He had Andy do full vocals, picked up an acoustic guitar, n that one wasn't tuned right.

Prince then stopped the band and went into "Raspberry Beret" and then "Cream"  complete with a Maceo solo.

Prince closed out the show doing a long version of "Cool".....

Now, it is on the Sayers Club for the Kimmel afterjam.  Here is hoping there will be more shows that fans get a chance to go to later this week.....-DocFB


LOL! Nicki Boyer Parodies Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Nicki Boyer hosts "Daytime In No Time" on Yahoo and is making a habit of making parody music videos. This time it is Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" entitled "We Are Never Doing That Together".

"Anal sex with a chick who is much looser than I"....

"We are never doing ass together"....

She even covers golden showers as well.

At the end, she proves that everybody got their something with her own fetish.

Check it out if you like to laugh. If you don't, then you suck anyway.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hope she got a discount on all those dildo's used in the video...


PRINCE Ready To Take Over Hollywood For Kimmel Afterjam!

PRINCE is set to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight with Andy Allo. He will be doing a mini-concert outside the studios. After that, PRINCE & The NPG will be taking over The Sayers Club in Hollywood for an event that is already at capacity before a ticket was sold.

The Sayers Club holds around 200-250 people and we hear the only way a ticket could be obtained for tonight was through the club itself. Knowing this club's clientele, it is going to be a whose who in Hollywood that will be in attendance.

When we have further details, will pass them on as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the Kimmel mini-concert runs long for those in attendance for the free taping.-DocFB


Ashton Kutcher Showing Love For His Bears And Mila Kunas

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunas were spotted together in Hollywood this morning walking their dog. Ashton made sure to rock his Chicago Bears hat.

It is no coincidence the Bears play the Detroit Lions tonight on Monday Night Football.

Mila kept her cup over her face when the saw the photogs trying to take her n Ashton's picture.

Maybe Mila should have been rocking a Bears hat as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Ashton is a lucky man. Will his Bears be as lucky?


Video: George Clooney Duets With Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline”

George Clooney was Neil Diamond's singing partner Saturday Night, even if George did not want to be. Diamond sang his classic "Sweet Caroline" for those in attendance at the 6th annual Carousel of Hope Ball in Los Angeles for Diabetic Awareness.

The video above is very cool and could George sing it any cooler? Loving his expressions. Check out the clip above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: All for Diabetic Awareness. Thank you George and Neil!


Viral Video Of The Moment: How To Pick Up A Girl At A Gym! Must Watch Now!

The viral video of the moment is "How To Pick Up A Girl At A Gym" by Jarret Sleeper.

His technique involves these simple rules for picking up a girl at a gym: For a strong or even decent pull, set up is important. Visualization, confidence, and a certain swagger is crucial for successful execution.

LOL! Check out the video above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will this catch on?


Video Premiere: Nicki Minaj Releases Low-Budget Video For “Come On A Cone”

Ahh. The words "dick in your face" were never sang so poetically. Nicki Minaj exclaims that in the low budget video release of "Come On A Cone" produced by Grizzly Music.

This video comes just days after she released "The Boys" video, which seemed to have a budget.

"Come On A Cone" is from Minaj's "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up" which is due in November.

The video features Minaj and her crew on several different stages, even showing her sitting next to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Even Randy Jackson makes a cameo on the video.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Do you even have to ask if Mariah Carey is in the video?


Katy Perry Duets “Firework” With Autistic Child! Watch Now!

Jodi DiPiazza, who was diagnosed as autistic when she was two years old performed "Firework" with Katy Perry at "Night Of Too Many Stars" a fund raiser for autism hosted by "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart.

Jodi is now 11 years old and Katy Perry is one of her favorite singers.

Jodi plays the piano during her duet. The moment meant a lot to Katy Perry.

She shared her thoughts about the performance via Twitter;

“I will never forget last night. It was the most important moment thus far of what I do.”

Heartwarming and heartfelt. Check out the performance above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: "Even brighter than the moon..."


The Wanted “I Found You” Video Gets Over 5 Million Views In 1st Week

"I Found You" by The Wanted will be released as a single on November 4th. The video in it's first week received over 5 million views. Seriously.

The video features the band walking the streets while we see a woman bound and gagged. The find a house n start beating some ass, you know, like all boy bands do. They did not even have to remove their jackets or coats. What bad asses. Ahem.

But are they really there to rescue the girl? Nope. Check the video out above and share your thoughts.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Trying to stay in the party boy moment....