One Direction Release Movie Trailer For 3D Movie “1D3D”

One Direction Promo Photo

One Direction released their movie trailer for their upcoming 3D movie entitled “1D3D” and will hit theaters August 30th, 2013.

We are not going to lie; we dug Katy Perry’s 3D “Part Of Me” release but we are partial. For the most part, not sure how well these do in the theatres.

The hardcore fans usually come out opening weekend and then it is gone. Perhaps, they should release it August 30th, but have it ready for DVD n 3D release in September to capitalize off it’s initial draw.-DocFB

Diagnosis: One Direction nn 3D. Could have been LMFAO




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  3. Sharon

    My daughter is one of those hard core fans. I remember being made fun of for being a hard corr Prince fan. Obviously no comparison but know there’s a huge and serious fan base there to be taken seriously! Uncle Simon is doing this one very successfully! Get on his bandwagon and enjoy this ride, Doc!

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