3rd Eye Girl Let’s Go Crazy Reloaded

3rd Eye Girl Let's Go Crazy Reloaded

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  1. In the spirt of Miles Davis. He told Prince to alway keep changeing his band.
    Keep getting new members if you wanna stay fresh!

    Look’s like Prince listend.

    On the 1

  2. Looking forward for Smuk fest DK

  3. I just sent a txt to one of my brothers, saying that 3rd Eye Girl is the best thing to happen to Prince in a very long time. He is rocking (really rocking) harder than he has in about 30 years, even before Purple Rain, even before 1999. His soul is back, he is refreshed, energized, and it is coming through loud and clear. He is back (?, did he ever go awa) again, to show today’s new crop of artists how free you truly can be. This version of Let’s Go Crazy folds in so many recognizable sounds and riffs, and yet still creates a whole new song, it is mindblowing. Prince has created, in this song, a live “DJ Mix” of music, performing it on real instruments. Incredible, funky, soulful, mindblowing.

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