New Video By Bruno Mars! “Treasure” Watch Now!

Bruno Mars Photo: Peggy Sirota for GQ

Here is the premiere of "Treasure" the new video by Bruno Mars!

Continuing of the flow of having his music videos look like they are back in the day, "Treasure" is a fun, funky, video by Bruno!

Bruno cut the 'fro down a little bit before he kicks off his tour later this month! It will be his first major arena tour.

It is cool how he has the grooves that sound so funky and from back in the day...but they are new and sample free!-DocFB

Diagnosis: No fools gold......

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  1. Hotness in the flesh!

  2. Shiela E moves!!!! The Glamorous Life! No playing!

    He’s learning from the best.

  3. I must say. I really like the song and the video. It’s uplifting, doesn’t have any negative slang, and for once it’s nice to hear a song that i would sing to someone i really care about. At this point in the game it doesn’t matter if it’s sample or real playing. It’s about putting out something that inspires love and light.

    i was actually recently going through a “break up” with someone and having to come to terms with how i felt about that person. I was listening to Prince’s new jam and it is the Jam. But in relations to my situation that song made me feel bitter towards that person, where as this song “treasure” reminded me of how much i truly love that person and for the first time. A song other than a Prince song became my theme song.

    I will be bumping this song for my baby mama.

  4. I’m feelin tha 80’s comin on YES! NOW this is What I am talking about LOVE the video sho’nuff brings back that 80’s feel and I’m Lovin it.

  5. LOVE Bruno!! He gives me hope 4 the future of music!

  6. I don’t know, I’m kind of over Bruno, his stuff is just same old re-inactment of other’s vision from days gone by, nothing new or inventive here. The guys topping the charts these days are boring, it’s like listening to my Mom’s music.

  7. I’m having Solid Gold flashbacks lol

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