Style! Taylor Swift’s New Video “Out Of The Woods” Gets Over 9 Million Views In A Day

Taylor Swift Mario Testino For Vanity Fair

Taylor Swift debuted her new video "Out Of The Woods" on New Years Eve night on ABC TV and put it on YouTube the next day where it has been viewed over 9 million times already.

The video starts in the woods (Were you thinking your couch?) and then travels into snow then water surrounded by desert and then back to the ice where she could be perceived as an ice Queen (Perhaps to Spotify, no?) and then back to the woods where she is slithering in mud and back into the other locations before a message at the end.

Wait. Just watch it.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is there anyone aside from Adele selling more Cd's and concert tickets than Taylor?


Black Muse; Liv Warfield Set To Perform In New York City!

Liv Warfield

If you are in need of a muse, black or soulful, and are in New York City, Liv Warfield has you covered!

The Unexpected singer will be performing two nights Feb. 19th and 20th, 2 shows a night, 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p,m, respectively.-DocFB

Feb. 19th tickets

Feb. 20th tickets

Diagnosis: We cannot speak highly enough of how great Liv is live. So don't take our word for it. Go see her and show her some Love NYC.


PRINCE Rings In The New Year With A High Fashion Performance & Guest List. More To Come?

PRINCE Photo: Karrah Kobus / NPG Records

The icon PRINCE performed in St. Barts for New Years Eve (It's still 1999 right) with quite the elite guest list and with mega-hit after mega-hit.

It was the Roman Abramovich party which featured according to Page Six the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, George Lucas, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, Brett Ratner, Chris Rock, LA Reid, Guy Oseary, Lyor Cohen, Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, as well as tycoons David Geffen, Barry Diller, Len Blavatnik, Steve Tisch, Jeff Bewkes, Vivi Nevo and Michael Ovitz.

PRINCE released two new Cd's in 2015 (HITNRUN PHASE 1 & 2) and the prolific musician is not one for slowing down. He has been hinting at a residency at his Paisley Park complex for the past month or so in ways to combat touts (That's scalpers for the U.S. inclined) and has basically put out a feeler for the 21st of January for something to be kicking off. Perhaps a preview of a Paisley Park residency? Pure SPECULATION and wishful thinking on out part but we will keep you updated on what we hear.

2015 has been a great year and we have a feeling if you are a fan of PRINCE, you are on notice that 2016 is going to continue on that ride of unpredictable greatness. We want to thank PRINCE, the fans for supporting PRINCE, 3RDEYEGIRL, Judith Hill, Liv Warfield, and more in the past year and always. We want to thank U the fans for supporting the site and the greatest musician alive, PRINCE-DocFB

Diagnosis: January 21st in Minnesota? Might have to change my name to FROSTE-Berry.

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Unforgettable….Too. Natalie Cole Passes Away At 65

Natalie Cole File Photo

Soul singer Natalie Cole has passed away at the age of 65. Cole died from congestive heart failure which was brought on by complications of a kidney transplant and hepatitis C.

Cole long had a battle with demons when it came to substance abuse and always seemed to be fighting whether it was to be out of her father's shadow (Nat King Cole) and embrace it or other health issues the singer had.

According to reports, she passed away in an L.A. hospital.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hope you are now at peace. You will always be Unforgettable...too....


PRINCE Drops New ALBUM Unexpectedly On Tidal! HITNRUN Phase Two! Listen Now!

HITNRUN PHASE 2 Image Created By Martin Homent Red Fox Bandit

After a week of teasing HITNRUN Phase Two title tracks on twitter, PRINCE released the entire album via Tidal this morning unexpectedly.

Listen  HERE.

Purchase HERE.

  • Along with HITNRUN Phase ONE tracks, the HITNRUN Phase TWO include 12 tracks. The tracks include:


RocknRoll Love Affair (Different than previous released version)

2Yd2 (2 Young 2 Dare)

Look At Me, Look At You



Groovy Potential

When She Comes (Played for the first and only time at the Troubadour show 1, Los Angeles, 2011


Black Muse


Big City

This is quite a selection of songs.

Why are U still reading? Listen Now!


Diagnosis: Unexpected. Wow.