Listen Now! New Eminem Featuring Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Cashis & Stat Surfaces

Schweet!  Why am I saying that?  A track featuring Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and others came out today.  It is called "Syllables" and gives you something to think about even if it is not the greatest track ever made.

The track was recorded in 2007 but is just surfacing now..... It is crazy when you think about the names involved in this project.

"It is not about lyrics anymore.  It's about a hot beat and a catchy hook."

Talking about how the industry is dumbing down it's lyrics to the public.  Hmm.  Interesting.

So check out "Syllables" and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


50 Cent Joins Keenan Cahill For “Put It Down On Me” Watch Now!

This. Is. Amazing.  50 Cent joined Kennan Cahill for "Put It Down On Me" and part of it aired on 50's sometimes girlfriend Cheslea Handler's show Chelsea Lately.

This kid is a YouTube Internet sensation and we are glad we have been on him from the start, even when some people were clowning on him.

Looks like the joke is on you now isn't it?  Really cool of 50 to do this.

What do you think of Kennan's latest video with 50 Cent?-Dr.FB


50 Cent Covers Face On XXL Cover

50 Cent And Soulja Boy. Photo: XXL Magazine
50 Cent And Soulja Boy. Photo: XXL Magazine

50 Cent And Soulja Boy. Photo: XXL Magazine

OK, did 50 Cent not want to be seen with Soulja Boy?  I kid, but can anyone explain this cover with 50 covering his face?

I am covering my face in shame over it right now?  What do you think of the cover?-Dr.FB


Chelsea Handler Is Not Playing With 50 Cent’s Change

50 Cent & Chelsea Handler. Photo: Mirror.co
50 Cent & Chelsea Handler. Photo: Mirror.co

50 Cent & Chelsea Handler. Photo: Mirror.co

After days of it being talked about but not really on her show "Chelsea Lately" Chelsea Handler said that her n 50 Cent are not together.

She took to her Twitter to state this:

Everyone, calm down. I met with mr. Cent about a potential project. There's nothing to report yet, ill let you know if there is.

Chelsea usually does put her relationships out there so I believe her.  We wonder if she would pass up on her real crush T.I. though.

Were you guys feeling Chelsea and 50 together?-Dr.FB



Oddest Couple Of The Moment: Chelsea Handler & 50 Cent

New Orleans created quite the storm over the weekend as Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent were seen getting up close n personal.

We have a feeling Chelsea had a hand down his pants looking for a thick roll of quarters and not just 2 bits. 

This, for sure, is the oddest couple of the moment in Hollyweird Hollywood.-Dr.FB


Jeremih Featuring 50 Cent “Down On Me”

Here is the new Jeremih "Down On Me" with 50 Cent.  It sounds pretty hot.

First that mix with Cee-Lo of "F You" and now this, is 50 Cent back?-Dr.FB


Cee-Lo Hooks Up With 50 Cent For ” F You” Freestyle

Cee-Lo hooked up with 50 Cent for a remix of "F You" freestyle.

The beat is rather cool and 50 does add to it. Check out this lyric video and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Fan Tries To Attack 50 Cent At Concert In Brazil!

Wow.  This is insane.  Check it out! 

Click HERE.

It is around the 1:43 mark.  Security was all over him.  Did I see a boot to the butt or what?-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? Weekly Celeb Wrap Up The Weight Edition

Welcome to this week's What's Up Doc The Weight Edition.

We discuss Alicia Keys pregnancy and engagement to Swizz Beats, 50 Cents dramatic weight loss, we discuss American Idol, Lindsay Lohan and her SCRAM bracelet, Summer Concert news, Lenny Kravitz, u2, Christina Aguilera, Prince, and Drfunkenberry Contests with Charice & Lifehouse.

Thank you guys so much for your support.  Appreciate it tremendously. 

Much Love & Keep It Funky!~-Dr.FB