Andy Allo Gives Us A Sneak Of What To Expect At SXSW…Maybe…

Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer

In case you forgot, the ONE n FUNKY Andy Allo will be playing SXSW this Saturday, March 16th at Bar 96.

Andy posted some audio on her Facebook Fan Page, which just hit 20,000 likes and celebrated by giving us a taste of what is to come Saturday night.

A little sneak or maybe a hint of what may come on Saturday at bar 96... they ain't ready.. :-)

Funky isn't it? We want mo'!-DocFB

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Andy Allo To Appear In Upcoming Billboard Magazine Feature!

Andy Allo Photo: Billboard.com

Andy Allo stopped by Billboard Magazine earlier this week where she teased that she did a photo shoot for them. We have learned that she did a little more than that.

Our spies at Billboard stated that they did an interview with Andy and a special acoustic performance that will be featured on Billboard.com along with the interview.

Andy Allo Photos: Billboard.com

Allo is also set to perform at SXSW March 16th at Bar 96.

If you haven't already, make sure to catch her Guitar Center Sessions special on DirecTV, which is playing quite a lot this weekend!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Set To Perform At SXSW March 16th!

Andy Allo Promo Photo

Andy Allo will be performing at South by Southwest on March 16th! She will be playing at Bar 96 at 10 P.M. that night! While we were writing this, Andy was playing hangman hinting at playing SXSW.

Hangman With Andy Allo

For what SXSW posted about Andy, click HERE.

We are VERY excited for the talented Miss Allo and hoping this leads to a spring tour with her band.

For those that missed the FUNK she threw down on the Guitar Center Sessions, here is "If I Was King" with her band.

Rock it Andy!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Huge News. Happy For AA.

Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer


Watch Now! Andy Allo Performs “If I Was King” On Guitar Center Sessions!

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo

Andy Allo will be performing on Guitar Center Sessions this Friday Feb. 22nd on DirecTV. She will be performing "People Pleaser", "If I Was King", "Yellow Gold", "Long Gone" & will be interviewed.

"If I Was King" rocks and funks live! We are digging it. Funky! Listen to that groove. Ahhhhhhh!

Also, here is a clip of Andy talking about the creative process with HER band.

Check it out above and tune in on Friday!-DocFB

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Watch Now! “People Pleaser” Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo!

Andy Allo Guitar Center Sessions

Guitar Center Sessions With Andy Allo is set to air Friday Feb. 22nd and ahead of the show, they released Andy performing "People Pleaser" with the NPG band!

Catch an all new episode of Guitar Center Sessions with Andy Allo on February 22nd at 9pm ET /10pm PT on DirecTV Audience Network Channel 239. Visit http://gc.guitarcenter.com/sessions/ for other great performances. Get Andy's latest album "Superconductor".

We hope that a live performance "If I Was King" was performed.  We saw it on Jimmy Kimmel but it never aired or was put on the web.  Boo.

Andy Allo Photo Mathieu Bitton

Set your DVR's for FUNK overload next Friday! Enjoy the photo above from Mathieu Bitton!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Hits The Grammy Parties!!!

Andy Allo  Photo: WireImage.com

Andy Allo has been hitting the Grammy circuit and in style! The "Superconductor" has been doing the rounds while in Los Angeles.

Andy Allo Photo: WireImage.com

Not only has she been hitting up the parties promoting her album "Superconductor" she took time out yesterday to do an amazing shoot with Mathieu Bitton. You can check out an exclusive photo from the shoot HERE.

We are looking forward to Andy getting more press in the year 2013 and hitting us with some "Yellow Gold" soon.-DocFB

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Exclusive! On Set Of Andy Allo Photo Shoot With Mathieu Bitton!

Andy Allo & Mathieu Bitton Photo By Katya Yarotskaya
Here is an EXCLUSIVE photo of Andy Allo being photographed by the brilliant Mathieu Bitton!  This photo was taken by by journalist Katya Yarotskaya and shared graciously with us!

The shoot was done with Mathieu Bitton at Church Boutique in Los Angeles. It is a fashion story for the March 2013 issue of Rolling Stone Russia Magazine.

Andy is in town for the Grammys and already making quite a splash at the parties. Last week, she put out a touching tribute to her nephew Sudama, and the story behind his name, which you can listen to below.

Mathieu Bitton's "Looking Back On Love" documentary has been released on I-Tunes and was a top 5 seller. Bitton will be having a retrospective show and catalog with Bui Gallery at a John Lautner mansion in LA Feb. 18th.

Don't forget that Andy is set to be featured on the Guitar Center Sessions  Feb. 22nd, 2013 and is hoping for a tour in the Spring.

We want to thank Andy and Mathieu for letting share this photo here before anywhere else!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Releases “U Will B” Demo Duet With….PRINCE?

Prince & Andy Allo  Photo:  NPG Records

Instead of 3rdEyeGirl releasing something purple, it's Andy Allo! Allo just put up "U Will B" a demo duet without the singing partner given credit, but it is PRINCE, right? Hmm.

Andy Allo is set for a big 2013. Hot on the heels of the release of "Super Conductor", Allo will be performing on the Guitar Center Sessions Feb. 22nd, 2013.

We will also hear a late Spring tour for her is in the works as well.

Check out "U Will B" above and if you haven't, get yourself a copy of "Super Conductor", sit back and enjoy!

Get "Superconductor HERE or HERE!!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis: U Will B with......?

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A Discussion On Prince In 2013; 3rd Eye Girl; A New Site?; Paisley Park Performances?

Prince NPG Records 2013

Last night, I did a spreecast with host Seth Everett on PRINCE in 2013. Me and Seth had these before where we just discuss things on Prince and what is going on. With 4 songs being "leaked" a few days before, people were thinking there would be breaking Prince news instead of a discussion of things.

Now, wouldn't I put the big news on my site or advertise the spreecast here? I tweeted and facebooked it only. Still, expectations ran high.

I can understand that when it comes to Prince, people's expectations run high, even though it said for a couple of days it is going to be a discussion. No special guests. Will there be some things asked and shared? Yes. Expectations many times lead to disappointment when nothing was ever promised.

If you wish to access the spreecast, you can do so HERE.

Some interesting things were discussed and so they did not get lost in the mix, I figured we could discuss them here and allow some input from you the reader.

Topic #1. I wanted to debate the pros and cons of "free" content. Let's say "3rd Eye Girl" was/is posting unreleased content without permission. Shouldn't 3rd Eye pay for what they post? Then say the NPG could pay all of the employed producers of the content. n 19-member band paid annually is no joke. We all have bills to be paid.

Topic # 2. A discussion of a new web site. With so many of the Prince community hooked up online would and could the fans get together and start their own NPG MUSIC CLUB (Prince's successful subscription and membership service used back in the early 2000's), pool their $ and vote on what type of music they want?

Meaning if they wanted new songs, rehearsals, material from the vault, complete live shows, certain videos. This way, it skips the need of I-Tunes and other 3rd (sic)parties. If the fans created a network similar 2 Facebook, a fee could be given to the NPG and they could just fill the order, pay those deserving and stop all the lawsuits in one fell swoop. Thoughts?

Topic # 3. IF "3rd Eye Girl" turns out to be a band member, say the NPG's newest additions Hannah Ford or Donna Grantis, what should be the disciplinary action taken? In the past, former band members have leaked material. Perhaps more thorough background checks are needed.

Topic # 4. Andy Allo was indeed the co-producer of the CD Superconductor. I was in the studio first-hand to see that happen. It is jointly owned by NPG and Alloevolution.

Of the all the artists that worked with Prince, Andy was one of the few who did not follow guide vocal trax originally laid down by Prince. Only the 3 songs that Prince co-wrote were produced in this manner. Andy is extremely talented and a quick-learner. She refuses to punch-in individual songs and rather goes back 2 the top when necessary to get a performance that she has sole approval of. She was given an unlimited budget by NPG to fulfill her vision. The results are something all of us can be proud of.

What do you guys think of "Superconductor"?

Topic #5. Paisley Park. The soundstage at Paisley Park is currently under renovation. It looks like Barbarella meets Sweet Charity. Are their any new fans that wanna experience late-nite parties at Paisley Park? What's a good cover charge that everyone can agree on? Yes, Prince will be there.

Now, I want to state these topics do NOT cover everything that PRINCE will be doing in 2013. I think it is safe to say (But I am assuming)we could expect a new album with some good promotion by it, a tour (Where n when would be determined at a later date.) and so much more.

When these Paisley Park shows would take place is not exactly known. As it states, Paisley is under renovation. That could take a while. He just wants to know that when it does open, what do you feel should be the cover charge?

I think it is a good start that he is thinking of another web site but wants the fans heavily involved this time. Perhaps so the NPG is held responsible for what content is provided. It shows the Internet is NOT dead. It shows that social media does serve it's purpose to some extent. I think it shows that he doesn't want to be completely accessible via Twitter or Youtube and would use it when he feels it could benefit him and not a "3rd party", so to speak.

I was going to put up a poll but I think it is best served if you answer the questions and perhaps when we have more of a general idea, we could do a poll with the most popular answers. I thank you for your time.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Surrender expectations. More things then will be fulfilled.