Help Get Andy Allo To The Billboard Music Awards Pre-Party!

Andy Allo Photo: Billboard.com

You can get Andy Allo to perform at the Billboard Music Awards Pre-Party on Sunday May 19th!

Just go HERE to vote for Andy and keep voting! You have until May 16th to vote for Andy and send her to the Billboard Music Awards Pre-Party where she will perform.

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Good Luck Andy!-DocFB

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Video: Andy Allo Talks About Working With PRINCE & Performs 2 Songs

Andy Allo Photo: Billboard.com

Andy Allo interviewed with Billboard earlier this month where she talked about working with Prince and performed 2 songs for the magazine.

Allo talks about Prince co-writing 3 songs with her and the experience calling it "incredible and educational" and would just watch him. Also...she teaches the people around her a fish song. All right then.

She performed for Billboard doing "Yellow Gold" acoustically.

Andy also performed a new song called "One Step Closer for Billboard.

She will also be featured in the Russian Rolling Stone with a photo shoot by Mathieu Bitton which we will be sharing with you soon.-DocFB

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Exclusive Photos Of Andy Allo At SXSW As “Unfresh” Gets Remixed!

Andy Allo SXSW Dr. Funkenberry’s Exclusive.

Andy Allo rocked SXSW last Saturday night. Several people I talked to were impressed with her and her band. She also performed an acoustic Beatles set the night before. Check out the new guitar which she played for the first time that night in Austin.

Andy SXSW Exclusive Photo

Andy also is having "Unfresh", her debut album, remixed. As was reported by SoulBounce, anyone can make a remix and have it picked by Andy and her crew to use.  You can email your submissions HERE.

Andy is digging this latest remix made:

There have been a lack of reviews of Andy's performance at SXSW but someone was able to record a little bit o' the funk for us.

If you haven't picked up Andy's "Superconductor" why are U punishing yourself! Pick it up on Amazon today!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Gives Us A Sneak Of What To Expect At SXSW…Maybe…

Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer

In case you forgot, the ONE n FUNKY Andy Allo will be playing SXSW this Saturday, March 16th at Bar 96.

Andy posted some audio on her Facebook Fan Page, which just hit 20,000 likes and celebrated by giving us a taste of what is to come Saturday night.

A little sneak or maybe a hint of what may come on Saturday at bar 96... they ain't ready.. :-)

Funky isn't it? We want mo'!-DocFB

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Andy Allo To Appear In Upcoming Billboard Magazine Feature!

Andy Allo Photo: Billboard.com

Andy Allo stopped by Billboard Magazine earlier this week where she teased that she did a photo shoot for them. We have learned that she did a little more than that.

Our spies at Billboard stated that they did an interview with Andy and a special acoustic performance that will be featured on Billboard.com along with the interview.

Andy Allo Photos: Billboard.com

Allo is also set to perform at SXSW March 16th at Bar 96.

If you haven't already, make sure to catch her Guitar Center Sessions special on DirecTV, which is playing quite a lot this weekend!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Set To Perform At SXSW March 16th!

Andy Allo Promo Photo

Andy Allo will be performing at South by Southwest on March 16th! She will be playing at Bar 96 at 10 P.M. that night! While we were writing this, Andy was playing hangman hinting at playing SXSW.

Hangman With Andy Allo

For what SXSW posted about Andy, click HERE.

We are VERY excited for the talented Miss Allo and hoping this leads to a spring tour with her band.

For those that missed the FUNK she threw down on the Guitar Center Sessions, here is "If I Was King" with her band.

Rock it Andy!-DocFB

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Andy Allo Bar 96 Flyer


Watch Now! Andy Allo Performs “If I Was King” On Guitar Center Sessions!

Andy Allo Guitar Sessions Promo Photo

Andy Allo will be performing on Guitar Center Sessions this Friday Feb. 22nd on DirecTV. She will be performing "People Pleaser", "If I Was King", "Yellow Gold", "Long Gone" & will be interviewed.

"If I Was King" rocks and funks live! We are digging it. Funky! Listen to that groove. Ahhhhhhh!

Also, here is a clip of Andy talking about the creative process with HER band.

Check it out above and tune in on Friday!-DocFB

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