Brian McKnight Really Does Want To “Show You How Your P**** Works”

Ahh. Brian McKnight. The singer of "One Last Cry", "Anytime", "Back At One" and now...."Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works" which he put out on youtube. Oh Brian, you crazy guy you.

It would have been better if he put it out without teasing it n singing along with it.  He is already stating he wrote it and did it because he is going stir crazy after an injury to his achilles.

Not how your "body" works.  Not let me show you how your "box" works.  No inventive word play.  Just straight down to the cooch.

That's not to say we don't like it.  It's a funny like, not like Oh, I gotta put that in a mix n get it on to that song.

What do you guys think?

One thing we can say is...somewhere.....R. Kelly is killing himself for not coming up with it first.-DocFB