Bieber Is Looking Like Daughter Of Rachel Maddow & Ellen Lately

Justin Bieber. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Justin Bieber. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Justin Bieber. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Bieberheadz, or Beliebers, whatever you call yourselves, I am not trying to start anything but Justin Bieber lately is starting to look like if Rachel Maddow and Ellen could have a daughter, it would look like Justin.

Justina Bieber was spotted out in New York City for Fashion Week, attending an event at the Dolce & Gabbana store.  Before the event, he was seen above at a pizza joint looking like he is wearing a member's only jacket from the 80's.  Oh, so fashionable.

Justina was there at the D & G  event for the Pencils of Promise charity which is very cool.  Even cooler, the Bieber is working on a Christmas album that will be due in November.

Wonder if he will do a Justin and Justina Christmas duet like Gaga did with her male alter ego at the MTV Awards.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Even As Justina, Bieber Is Still Pulling In More Girls Than The Doc


Video: Lada Gaga Tells Ellen She Feels Like A Loser


Lady Gaga taped an interview earlier this week with Ellen and they talked about her being 25 several times. Also, they did talk about even though she sold out 5 nights a Madison Square Garden for her HBO "Monster Ball Tour" special, she still feels like a loser.

Lady Extravaganza also talked about her being the Godmother to Elton John's four month old son.

Check out an interesting interview of Gaga on Ellen and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Born A Winner, Not A Loser


Video Premiere: “This Is What Rock & Roll Sounds Like” Porcelain Black & Lil Wayne


Ok, LOVE how the video starts with Porcelian Black and Lil Wayne as kids and then shows them growed up for the "This Is What Rock & Roll Sounds Like" video.

Doesn't Porcelain look like Poria De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres's wife?  Who knew adding a bandana ala Guns n Roses to Lil Wayne made him rock n roll?

What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Detroit Rock City Rising


Video Premiere: Greyson Chance “Waiting Outside The Lines”

Greyson Chance is the Internet sensation that Ellen DeGeneres got a recording contract.  Thank you Justin Bieber.

Here is "Waiting Outside The Lines" by Greyson Chance.

Let us know what you think of Greyson's official debut.-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Meets Her Biggest Fan!

Katy Perry met her biggest fan and it was all because of Ellen.

 Check out Ellen's reaction as her fan and Katy totally forget about Ellen for a minute.



Portia To Take Ellen’s Last Name

Ellen And Portia File Photo

Ellen And Portia File Photo

Portia De Rossi is going to take Ellen Degeneres's last name.  The paperwork was filed last Friday to begin the process.

Her name will now be Portia Lee James DeGeneres.  When she was 15, she changed her name from Amanda Lee Rogers to Portia De Rossi. 

The couple was married 2 years ago this August.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? American Idol Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to a new installment of "What's Up Doc?" and this week we cover the American Idol drama.

Ellen quits! Kara's fired.  J Lo and Steven Tyler are the judges?  What?

Let's discuss all the drama above and share your thoughts.-Dr.FB