Video Premiere: “This Is What Rock & Roll Sounds Like” Porcelain Black & Lil Wayne


Ok, LOVE how the video starts with Porcelian Black and Lil Wayne as kids and then shows them growed up for the "This Is What Rock & Roll Sounds Like" video.

Doesn't Porcelain look like Poria De Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres's wife?  Who knew adding a bandana ala Guns n Roses to Lil Wayne made him rock n roll?

What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Detroit Rock City Rising


Video Premiere: Greyson Chance “Waiting Outside The Lines”

Greyson Chance is the Internet sensation that Ellen DeGeneres got a recording contract.  Thank you Justin Bieber.

Here is "Waiting Outside The Lines" by Greyson Chance.

Let us know what you think of Greyson's official debut.-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Meets Her Biggest Fan!

Katy Perry met her biggest fan and it was all because of Ellen.

 Check out Ellen's reaction as her fan and Katy totally forget about Ellen for a minute.



Portia To Take Ellen’s Last Name

Ellen And Portia File Photo

Ellen And Portia File Photo

Portia De Rossi is going to take Ellen Degeneres's last name.  The paperwork was filed last Friday to begin the process.

Her name will now be Portia Lee James DeGeneres.  When she was 15, she changed her name from Amanda Lee Rogers to Portia De Rossi. 

The couple was married 2 years ago this August.-Dr.FB


What’s Up Doc? American Idol Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to a new installment of "What's Up Doc?" and this week we cover the American Idol drama.

Ellen quits! Kara's fired.  J Lo and Steven Tyler are the judges?  What?

Let's discuss all the drama above and share your thoughts.-Dr.FB


Shocker! Ellen Quits American Idol!!!!!!!

Ellen Degeneres. File Photo
Ellen Degeneres. File Photo

Ellen Degeneres. File Photo

This was rumor as of yesterday as Ellen was under contract for 5 years and would have to quit if Nigel Lithgow, the producer of American Idol, who has returned to the show, was going to make changes to Idol.

So in a Tweet, Ellen said

 "Dim the lights...I've voted myself off American Idol."

It followed with this released statement:

A couple months ago, I let FOX and the "American Idol" producers know that this didn't feel like the right fit for me. I told them I wouldn't leave them in a bind and that I would hold off on doing anything until they were able to figure out where they wanted to take the panel next. It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for. I also realized this season that while I love discovering, supporting and nurturing young talent, it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings. I loved the experience working on "Idol" and I am very grateful for the year I had. I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.
OK, did she REALLY quit Idol or was she forced out?  We hear Randy Jackson is next and Kira DioGuardi is gone already.
Nigel Lithgow will be replacing Simon Cowell and we hear Jessica Simpson will be announced as a judge along with Nigel on Monday.
What we do not know now is if they will have 3 judges or 4.
Chris Isaak has expressed interest in the gig but Harry Connick Jr. is passing. 
With Ellen gone and Simon gone, is Idol over for you?-Dr.FB

Ellen Gets her Urban Farming Planting On

Ellen Degeneres just had a garden planted at her place By Taja Sevelle (The singer who once worked with Prince, and now runs Urban Farming) and Ellen was cracking jokes about it.

Check out the video above and then go to urbanfarming.org to see what you can do to help.-Dr.FB


Is Paula Abdul Heading Back To American Idol?

Paula Abdul. File Photo

Paula Abdul. File Photo

We just got a hot tip that Paula Abdul MAY be returning to American Idol.  Could she be replacing Simon? 

Could we see it returning to 3 judges next year with Randy, Ellen and Paula?  That means Kara would be out but it might be the answer that Idol needs as ratings have been slipping somewhat.  Now, granted, rating slipping for Idol compared to other shows is nothing but it is something they are worried about now that Simon is leaving. 

Do you want to see Paula back on Idol?

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Ellen Debuts On American Idol Tonight

Ellen Degeneres File Photo

Ellen Degeneres File Photo

Ellen Degeneres will have her American Idol debut tonight as she takes over for Paula Abdul in the judge's chair. 

We hear there was some friction with Simon Cowell early and often and if we do watch it, it will be for that reason only.   Will the chemistry be the same or will this be a worse replacement than Conan was for Leno? 

So, I ask you this as the dust has settled on the whole Paula thing, will you watch American Idol tonight with Ellen or be like Drew Brees and pass?-Dr.FB