Michelle McGee: “I Knew I Was Going To Be Famous”

Michelle McGee:
Michelle McGee:

Michelle McGee: Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Michelle McGee knew she was going to be famous and rather soon in fact.

Before she posed for the cover of Tattoo Revue Magazine, she told people at the mag she "was gonna be real hot soon" and they believed her.

They believed her so much, in fact, they put her on the cover of this months issue and it is selling out.  They are making 2nd and 3rd runs of copies. 

So, Jesse James was Basically messing around with a starfu**** from the start and she knew in the end, she would get famous off of him cheating on Sandra Bullock with her.

Her timing could not have been better.  Just weeks after the Oscars and Sandra's moment in the sun.

All taken away when she sold her story for a measly $30,000 dollars. 

So sad.  Team Sandra!-Dr.FB