Miley Cyrus On The Cover Of ‘Life’ Magazine

Miley Cyrus wwwlife.com
Miley Cyrus wwwlife.com

Miley Cyrus wwwlife.com

WOW,  it's nice to see 'Life' back and in full force.  But really, Miley Cyrus for their first official cover? Oh well, I guess they go to do what they gotta do :)

It's been almost a decade since the popular magazine has been on newsstands, but 'Life' is officially back as 'life.com'. None other than the sugar pop princess, Miley Cryus, was chosen to pose for their first official cover.

Cyrus invited famous photographer, Jeff Vespa, along  for the day to day bumpy ride with the pop superstar. Vespa was able to photgraph Cyrus at her home and secret  recording location.  I wonder if she spilled more details about her 20 year old boy toy?  Yes, they are more than just friends, but you knew that already.   Interested in seeing more pics?