Watch Now! “Blurred Lines” By Robin Thicke & Pharrell Featuring Miley Cyrus!

Robin Thicke File Photo

Robin Thicke and Pharrell performed "Blurred Lines" with Miley Cyrus joining in this time!

The performance was for the MySpace relaunch party and was aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Did Miley TWERK this time? Click here to find out!


Hotness! Jimmy Kimmel Joins Robin Thicke For “Blurred Lines” Video Parody! Watch Now!

Robin Thicke, Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live

The now skinny Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo joined up with Robin Thicke and Pharrell for a "Blurred Lines" parody!

Guillermo and Jimmy are trying to be in the video for "Blurred Lines" and they didn't make the cut...until this unedited version....despite Robin and Pharrell trying to make sure they don't!

They even make a play with that whole "Thicke" has a big "Di@%" in the really unedited version of the song!

Check it out!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Promoted for 3 straights months and payed off!


Video: Jimmy Kimmel Challenges Morrissey After Singer Cancels Appearance & Trashes Late Night Host

Morrissey Promo Photo

Jimmy Kimmel is upset with Morrissey for dropping out of an appearance on his show over the cast of "Duck Dynasty" being on the show and then ripping the late night host for choosing them over him to appear on his show.

He compared Jimmy's way of thinking to those in a fog of the 1950's, where Kimmel challenged Morrissey to appear on his show to talk out their fued.

Kimmel tries to calm himself but does appear genuine about wanting to talk the matter over with the singer.

Morrissey has yet to respond.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The More U Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


Watch Now! Tegan And Sara Perform “Closer” & “I Was A Fool” On Kimmel!

Tegan And Sarah.  Promo Photo

Tegan and Sara just released "Heartthrob" and took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform "Closer" and "I Was A Fool" on the talk show.

Tegan and Sara have been around for a while but you can feel they are about to explode. These performances are a testament to that. Straight up, "Closer" is a huge hit and whomever is not playing it, what is wrong with you? Terrestrial radio programmers, I'm looking at you!

We were told Sara was under the weather for the performances but still did great. Check out the "Closer" & "I Was A Fool" above.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Define Heartthrob....


Gary Clark Jr. To Perform On Kimmel, Support Eric Clapton & Join Jimmy Page

Gary Clark Jr. Photo: Nate Azark

If you do not know who the funk Gary Clark Jr. is, you must be living under a rock. He will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Feb. 6th, then supporting Eric Clapton on tour, all while teaming up with Jimmy Page for a new ad campaign for Varvatos.

For more info & tour dates, click on the continue reading button....


Andy Allo Performs “People Pleaser” On Jimmy Kimmel! Watch Now!

Andy Allo's performance of "People Pleaser" aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was as funky on TV as it was live in person.

Unlike the video version, the live performance features Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty.

I do not know when her performance of "If I Was King" will air yet. We imagine sometime soon.

BTW, her NEW Cd "Superconductor" is out now and can be purchased HERE on Amazon.com & on I-Tunes HERE and on Googleplay HERE!

There is some funk all over that CD.  Check it out after watching "People Pleaser"  above.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  "Time To Raise Your Hand...."


Prince Performs “The Dance Electric” On Jimmy Kimmel! Watch Now!

Jimmy Kimmel's people finally posted PRINCE's "The Dance Electric" performance from Tuesday. The video is a bonus from his performance of "Rock & Roll Love Affair" which you can watch below.

Earlier this year, Prince gave the site an exclusive rehearsal version of "The Dance Electric" which you can listen to HERE.

For a full recap of the Kimmel concert, click HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We Better Love Each other.....


Prince Performs “Rock & Roll Love Affair” On Kimmel! Watch Now!

Here is the performance of "Rock & Roll Love Affair" by PRINCE performed on Jimmy Kimmel last night.

There will be a version of "Dance Electric" posted later in the morning.

There are several videos from fans from the Kimmel performance if you know how to use the youtube search feature. If I post it here, it will get snatched quicker than one of Snooki's cookies.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I know more of you are now believing in fairytales and PRINCE's....


Prince & Andy Allo On Jimmy Kimmel Mini-Review & Recap

Hello funkenbabies. Trying to give you the downlow and what is happening on Kimmel so check back for more updates...

Andy performed all in white with a 12 piece band that included Maceo Parker.  She performed "People Pleaser" and "If I Was King" off her "Superconductor" record due 11/20/12.

Prince & The NPG performed "Rock & Roll Love Affair" and a web exclusive version of "Dance Electric"  (You will see it at the end of credits but a full version will be available on Jimmy Kimmel's site and here tomorrow.

After the camera's stopped rolling and loud chants of "We Want Prince", Prince performed "Take Me With U" but something was wrong with his guitar, which was working fine for the past 2 numbers.  He had Andy do full vocals, picked up an acoustic guitar, n that one wasn't tuned right.

Prince then stopped the band and went into "Raspberry Beret" and then "Cream"  complete with a Maceo solo.

Prince closed out the show doing a long version of "Cool".....

Now, it is on the Sayers Club for the Kimmel afterjam.  Here is hoping there will be more shows that fans get a chance to go to later this week.....-DocFB