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Kate Gosselin’s “Dancing” Partner Almost Quits On Her

Kate Gosselin & Dovolani. Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell
Kate Gosselin & Dovolani. Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Kate Gosselin & Dovolani. Photo: ABC/Rick Rowell

Tony Dovolani, Kate Gosselin's "Dancing With The Stars" partner had it with Kate during rehearsals last week and quit on her. 

Last night, they did their best for  the judges dancing to an Elton John 80's classic.

Tony told Entertainment Tonight he regretted what he said.  "I don't like speaking when I am upset, and I don't ever want to bring back words that I don't mean, and 'I quit' I guess was one of them."

What did Kate say that set off Tony?  "I love how you teach, but you're not taking into consideration how I learn."

Kate got the sympathy vote when she said "I have had a lot of people quit on me." obviously referring to her ex-husband Jon Gosselin. 

The dancing partners drama is hardly over as they refused to sit next to each other or be by each other unless on camera as an on-site spy let us know. 

After the show, Kate did say she was sorry to Tony. 

There seems to be more heat on "Dancing With The Stars" than "American Idol" right now, that is for sure.

Are YOU watching?-Dr.FB


Kate Gosselin Leads “Dancing With The Stars” Celeb List

Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com
Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Kate Gosselin. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Kate Gosselin will be on "Dancing With The Stars" this year.  As a star.  Wow.

She joins Olympian Evan Lysacek, Nicole Sherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, the football player currently known as Chad Ochocinco, ESPN's top girl to be peeped at Erin Andrews, Neicy Nash, Pamela Anderson, (yes, that Pamela Anderson) "The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka, Aiden Turner, Buzz Aldrin and Shannon Doherty will all be on the cast.

Any favorites?  Any actual stars?-Dr.FB


The New Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin.  Photo: People.com

Kate Gosselin. Photo: People.com

Are you all feeling the new Kate Goselin with extensions or.......?-Dr.FB


Kate Gosselin Celebrates Divorce by Going On Leno

Kate Gosselin's divorece from Jon Gosselin was made final on Friday and she made out like a bandit with Jon owing her some major child support including the $250,000 he took from thier bank account.

So how did Kate celebrate? By going on Leno and...bombing! Check it out.-Dr.FB


Video~ Jon Gosselin “Turns Back Time”

Jon Gosselin Goes Back in Time from Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin has a sense of humor? Well, it seems like he does as he uses Cher to "Turn Back Time" and change a few things.

Check out the funny or die video that is very funny above.-Dr.FB


Video~ Taylor Swift Takes On Kate Gosselin

Taylor Swift while hosting Saturday Night Live portrayed Kate Gosselin in a view skit. Her hair is too funny. Check it out!-Dr.FB