Old School JamS Of The Moment: Luther Vandross & Stevie Wonder

Our Old School Jams Of The Moment are by Luther Vandross. The singer would have been 61 this weekend.

The first jam is "Never Too Much" from his debut album in 1981. The 2nd is "Here & Now" which was released in 1989.

The 3rd jam is by the Stevie Wonder song "Part Time Lover" and singing background vocals on the song is....you guessed it....Luther Vandross.

Luther's first top 10 hit was "Here & Now" followed a few years later by "Power Of Love/Love Power" and his 3rd top ten hit was "The Best Things In Life Are Free" a duet with Janet Jackson. His last top ten hit was a cover of "Always & Forever" with Mariah Carey.

We all know that Luther's career is more than 5 hits. His music created quite a grip of babies and countless romantic nights for couples world-wide.

This place is a whole lot better and funkier with a voice like Luther Vandross's being in it. Thank you for the music Luther and the moments. I know angels are being blessed right now by your voice. Love....always and forever......-DocFB