New PRINCE “DA BOURGEOISIE”" Now For Sale! Listen Now!


PRINCE has released "DA BOURGEOISIE" as a download on 3RDEYETunes.com.

The song was previously released as a free mp3 given to fans on Twitter to distribute last week. This is a high quality wav file for $.088 cents!

There are some additions to the track.  Can you hear it?

Also, 3RDEYEGIRL has updated their Twitter profile.

1/7/2014? Hmm.

Prince announced earlier today that he will be playing 3 special concerts in Connecticut December 27th, 28th, and 29th.

For more info on the concerts, CLICK HERE. -DocFB

Diagnosis: Seriously? Cool to have this song in clear quality....


Big City! PRINCE To Play 3 Special East Coast Shows In Late December!

PRINCE Promo Photo 2013 NPG Records

PRINCE will be playing 3 special East Coast gigs December 27th, December 28th, and December 29th at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

This news was first broken this morning by Rolling Stone.

In a live Twitter interview/Q&A on Friday, they (PRINCE/3RDEYEGIRL) hinted at gigs in late December.

This marks Prince's first performance since 2 late night gigs at his Paisley Park studio in Minneapolis in October along with a new album due in Early 2014, an appearance on Arsenio, plus many, many, many TV appearances.

The new album will feature all new material including "FIXURLIFEUP" which was released earlier this year.

For ticket on sale dates and prices, click here!


10 Years Ago Today: PRINCE Announced As Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame File Photo

Has it really been 10 years? On November 20th, 2003, it was announced that PRINCE would be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2004 as a first ballot nominee and one of the youngest to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame ever.

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony took place on March 15th, 2004 with Alicia Keys and Big Boi of Outkast inducting PRINCE into the hall after a memorizing performance that included "Let's Go Crazy", "Sign O' The Times" and "Kiss" and closed the show with one of the most mind-blowing guitar solos of all time on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with an all-star band.

Prince was the first artist to have a number one album "Purple Rain", number one single "When Doves Cry", and number one film "Purple Rain" all at the same with.

Prince also still holds the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 record for most top 10 hits for years in a row (11 years) from 1983 until 1994.

The songs? 83' "Little Red Corvette", "Delirious", 84' "When Doves Cry", "Let's go Crazy", "Purple Rain", 85' "Raspberry Beret", "Pop Life", 86' "Kiss" 87' "Sign O' The Times, "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man", 88' "Alphabet St.", 89' "Batdance", 90' "Thieves In The Temple", 91' "Cream" 92' "Diamonds & Pearls" 93' "7" 94' "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World".

Pretty impressive song list for sure.-DocFB

Diagnosis: 2004 was a crazy cool year for Prince. Will we see the same in 2014?


New PRINCE Demo “Da Bourgeoisie” FREE Download! Listen Now!!!

3RDEYEGIRL Screenshot

PRINCE has released a new demo entitled "Da Bourgeoisie" and like last month's "The Sweeter She Is" live rehearsal track, it was given to a Twitter follower to get out!

Around 1:41 A.M., 3RDEYEGIRL (Prince's official Twitter account) asked "Who wants to deliver this stolen Prince demo to the needy?" Hmm. To instead of 2. No caps lock issue. People were responding to the tweet with a frenzy....until one was chosen.


Jshua was asked for his email address and sent the demo. Cool deal.

For the download link and more on this story, click here!


Slammin’! Ida Nielsen of 3RDEYEGIRL Shows Us Her Bass Skills!


In case you have been living under a rock, Ida Nielsen is the bassist for the New Power Generation (NPG) and 3RDEYEGIRL, bands for the icon PRINCE.

Recently, Ida showed us why we call her Eata Bass as she plays the BG250-208 from TC Electronic.

"Ida is great when she plays bass for the NPG.  She FLOURISHES when she plays with the girls (3RDEYEGIRL). She is just amazing."-PRINCE


Diagnosis: Ida is a bad mutha....what? I'm just talking about Ida!


Photo Of The Moment: PRiNCE Up Close & Intense!

PRINCE Photo: Madison Dubé

The photo of the moment is of PRiNCe caught by Madison Dubé. This brilliant black and white shot is up close and way intense.

This shot was posted to Madison's Instagram page.

Madison had this to say along with the picture:

"We can't wait to show you the rest of the magic. #Prince"

We LOVE the shot! Classic!

If you haven't caught the latest PRiNCE Spreecast, check it out above! Thanks to Jester for capturing the screencap for us!

Diagnosis: A really, really great shot! Impressive Madison Dubé!


Review: Andy Allo Strikes Yellow Gold At Hotel Cafe

Andy Allo Photo: DrFunkenberry

Andy Allo performed at Hotel Cafe on Monday, the last night of her residency to a packed house. Seconds after she took the stage, Prince glided in to catch the show.

Andy Allo kicked off her 45+ minute set with a new song that was quite beautiful but no title was given. Next was a funky version of "Yellow Gold" from her album "Superconductor" followed by a rock-sounding "Wait In Vain" by Bob Marley. Allo followed that up with another song from Superconductor, the beautifully-tinged "Nothing More" which I was extremely happy to hear live.

For the full review with more photos and videos, click here!


PRINCE Releases Classic “1999″ Rehearsal Track!

3RDEYEGIRL Something In The Water Artwork By Stella Blu

PRINCE has released a rehearsal version of "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)" from the "1999" album. Will Livestream's return that will feature rehearsal's like that?

The Artwork is by Stella Blu.  OK Player, that is BLU. Thx.

Above is a wimpy mp3 version of "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)" but you can buy a powerful wav version of the song HERE. It is only .88 cents for 7 minutes of funk!


Also, a new title for the 3RDEYEGIRL livestream has been created, aptly titled "NOVEMBER NOUVEAX" and was created yesterday. So far, no activity, although it might be worth keeping an eye on. Perhaps they changed it since the last title had "October" in it.

What is for certain is there will be a PRINCE Spreecast tomorrow, November 5th! So tune in for that!-DocFB

Diagnosis: That 7 minutes of "Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)" is amazing.  Make sure to download it HERE.


PRINCE’s “The Breakfast Experience” Remixes Available Now On iTunes!

Breakfast Can Wait Digital Single Cover

"The Breakfast Experience" remixes of PRINCE's "Breakfast Can Wait" are now available for purchase on iTunes!

There are 5 versions in all:

1. Breakfast Can Wait (Original)

2. Breakfast Can Wait (Grits n Gravy)

3. Breakfast Can Wait (Espresso)

4. Breakfast Can Wait (Honey)

5. Breakfast Can Wait (Buttermilk)

a 5 mix platter!

The price is $4.99 and can be downloaded HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Jdub in the mix....