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The DrFunkenberry "Jam Of The Week" is "Shake That" by Gimm+Icky! Just who is Gimm+Icky though? Tripp Weir and Jeff Garrison are GIMM+ICKY and they have scored TV placements on networks like ABC, E!, Nickelodeon, and the NFL Network in just over a year. “We met up on a Monday with the concept, were immediately on the same page, nailed down the direction of our sound, wrote several choruses, and a day later were asked to sit in at a writers night,” recalls Weir of how the duo got together. “There was immediate response, which of course added fuel to the fire.” You can purchase "Shake That" on i-Tunes now. We are TOTALLY digging the track and want you to "Shake That" as well. For remixes of "Shake That" by GIMM+ICKY, the DrFunkenberry jam of the week, click on the continue reading button below....-DocFB Diagnosis: Funk it!