Janelle Monae FORCED To Postpone Tour For Vocal Rest!

Janelle Monae Photo Still Rap-Up.com

Janelle Monae has just announced she has to postpone her tour immediately including a show tonight in Anaheim, California and dates in San Diego and Phoenix.

This is Janelle's official statement:

Starting today, I am under strict doctor's orders for mandatory vocal rest. Not doing so could possibly result in damage to my vocal cords.

Unfortunately, this diagnosis means I will have to postpone my coming concerts in Anaheim, San Diego and Phoenix, a fact which truly leaves me heartsick and shaken because I live for this: connecting with you and giving you a one of a kind concert experience.

But alas, apparently even the most expertly designed android breaks down sometimes and must recharge...

I promise to see you sooner than you think my friends, stronger than ever.

I love you all dearly.-Janelle Monae

Get better Janelle!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Even androids need a break sometime....