Jay-Z Lets It Be Known It’s About Beyonce & Hip Hop Has Lost Energy

Jay Z. Photo: Rollingstone.com

Jay Z. Photo: Rollingstone.com

Jay Z is the cover story of the new Rolling Stone where he discusses that he wanted some artwork put up in their house and would Beyonce would not let him put it up.  Veto power for Beyonce. 

Jay also feels that indie rock is where it is at right now and that hip hop has lost the energy that indie rock has right now. 

It’s not just hip hop, Jay.  The music industry is slowly dying.  At least in the traditional sense. 

Indie rock and most of the acts are declining to be signed to big or long term record deals. 

It’s time for a music revolution and we have a feeling Jay knows that and will be one of the artists at the forefront when that rebirth is reached.-Dr.FB



  • ty
    Posted at 21:47h, 12 June

    can’t imagine him rocking a cradle let alone the entire usa

  • controversy12
    Posted at 11:40h, 11 June

    Man just when my Rolling Stone subscription ended Jay-Z gets the cover … off to Borders to get my copy.

  • ertccty
    Posted at 05:28h, 11 June

    This can’t be some new revelation that he has come upon???The music industry has been slowly but surely dying for the past few years!And it’s their own fault for promoting overly processed junk food! Jay Z going to rock now?hmmm…whatever!

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