Courtney Love Fires Assistant Over Dead Bird

Courtney Love / File photo
Courtney Love / File photo

Courtney Love / File photo

Ahh.  Courtney Love.  The rest of us are insane while she is the sane one. 

A dead bird that she paid $16,000 for, let me reiterate, the bird was already dead and she paid $16,000 for it, was thrown away while she was moving. 

The movers threw it away and Courtney is blaming the assistant for making sure something like that did not happen.  She claims it is priceless and irreplaceable.  Oh Lord.  Courtney does not have her priorities in order.  At. All.   The person who sold her the dead bird in the first place said she is crazy.

Guess Courtney won't be buying another dead bird from her!-Dr.FB