Judge Rules To Unseal PRINCE’s Divorce Records To Second Wife

Manuela Testolini & PRINCE 77th Annual Oscars Photo: GettyImages.com

The Star Tribune's lawyer earlier this month said that PRINCE's right privacy died when he did. It appears they may be right. Even if the privacy of whom he was married to is still alive.

Today Judge Thomas Fraser ruled for the divorce documents between Prince and Manuela Testolini from 2006 to be unsealed. Testolini has thirty days to object to certain documents being made public. The Star Tribune made the requests to access the documents which started the legal proceeding in the first place.

Testolini and the music icon Prince married in 2001 and were married for over 5 years.

Privacy? Yea right!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Per the Tribune; Testolini and Bremer Trust, the special administrator managing Prince’s multi-million dollar estate, will have 30 days to bring public motions regarding specific documents in the divorce filing. Otherwise, everything — with the exception of certain confidential details — will be unsealed.


Justin Timberlake Reunites With NSYNC…For One Night Only!

NSYNC File Photo HBO\

No, it is not 1999. Justin Timberlake actually reunited with his NSYNC band-mates last night in Los Angeles...for a birthday party.

JC Chasez turned 40 last night and the NSYNC gang was there. Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, and yes....Justin Timberlake.

JC's 40th... And, if you don't know now you know...

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

Timberlake even posted the photo to his instagram to his 33.4 million followers.-DocFB

Diagnosis: NSYNC broke up in 2002.


Minnesota State Fair To “Unite In Purple” & Celebrate PRINCE August 26th

Prince NPG Records 2011

Just a few days before his former backing band The Revolution headline First Avenue for 3 straight shows, the Minnesota state fair will celebrate PRINCE August 26th with an event they are calling "Unite In Purple" with tributes to the music icon.

All people attending the state fair that day are encouraged to wear Prince gear or dress in purple from 5 p.m. til close on August 26th.

The events planned are:

Prince music and tributes throughout the park,

a lasertainment show,

and a "Prince Party in the Park" with music and dancing at Carousel Park led by Prince's personal DJ, GenerationNOW's Dudley D.

"The idea is to get people together around the one icon that transcended generations and cultures and communities and ages," said fair spokeswoman Brienna Schuette. "He was a person who brought everybody together and the fair is a place that brings people together."

It is kind of cool but the "Party In The Park" had me thinking about Paisley Park and partying with Prince himself. You can't go wrong with DJ Dudley D though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Speaking of Paisley Park, there were rumors last week that it was to be sold. As we told you though, there will be properties sold, but NOT Paisley Park.


Joker’s Wild! Panic At The Disco’s Version of Bohemian Rhapsody Takes off As “Suicide Squad” Takes The Box Office

Joker & Harley Quinn Promo Photo

"Suicide Squad" dominated the box office raking in $135 million and a ton of reviews that said it was amazing and terrible...all at the same time. Not so terrible? The cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody by Panic At The Disco which is on the film's soundtrack.

You can catch Panic! At The Disco on tour with Weezer this summer.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Panic! At The Disco's critically acclaimed fifth album Death of a Bachelor debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart in January


PRINCE’s Ex Wife Heads To Court To Block Divorce Documents From Being Unsealed

Prince & Manuela Testolini Photo: Afshin Shahidi

How would you like to spend the week of your 5th anniversary to your present husband?

How many of you would answer that you would want to celebrate it by traveling to Minnesota to block divorce documents to your first husband from being unsealed?

Manuela Testolini, the second ex-wife of music icon PRINCE was in the Hennepin County Family Court room in Minneapolis this morning, August 4th, to BLOCK the Minneapolis Star Tribune from unsealing her 10 year old divorce agreement with Prince. Testolini is fighting for the documents and divorce papers to remain private. She and Prince were married for five years.

Leita Walker, the attorney for the Star Tribune in this matter says that Prince's privacy died with him on April 21st and the public interest in the contents of the court file are newsworthy given his death from an accidental overdose of fentanyl on April 21. Ouch.

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