Cedric The Entertainer

Reverend Al Sharpton To Host WWE Show?

Last night, they had Cedric The Entertainer, a couple of weeks ago, they had Bob Barker. They even had Jeremy Piven n the gaysian from “The Hangover” on. Next week, WWE’s Wrestling Show will have as a guest host….Reverend Al Sharpton? Yup, it’s true. The contract has been signed and the promo has been made. […]

Prince Throws Down His Own Symposium Of Funk

Prince brought the funk with him to the Conga Room. “Oldskoolcompany” kicked off the night again. Was that “Gett Off” I heard on guitar when going into the groove a few times? Slammin’! At one point during “Musicology”, a dance party took place on stage with the likes of Tavis n Dr. West just straight […]