Reverend Al Sharpton To Host WWE Show?

Reverend Al Sharpton File Photo
Reverend Al Sharpton File Photo

Reverend Al Sharpton File Photo

Last night, they had Cedric The Entertainer, a couple of weeks ago, they had Bob Barker. They even had Jeremy Piven n the gaysian from "The Hangover" on. Next week, WWE's Wrestling Show will have as a guest host....Reverend Al Sharpton?

Yup, it's true. The contract has been signed and the promo has been made. Reverend Al Sharpton next week will be in a wrestling ring. Oh man, this is going to be something.  Not sure if something being good or bad. I am just shaking my head over here.

Al got my respect after his speech at Michael Jackson's Memorial.  Not sure if he will have it next week. What do you think of Al doing WWE's Monday Night Raw show?-Dr.FB


Prince Throws Down His Own Symposium Of Funk

Prince brought the funk with him to the Conga Room.

"Oldskoolcompany" kicked off the night again. Was that "Gett Off" I heard on guitar when going into the groove a few times? Slammin'!

At one point during "Musicology", a dance party took place on stage with the likes of Tavis n Dr. West just straight getting down. You had to see the dance he was doing during "Play That Funky Music", it was just too much.Cedric the Entertainer n Jesse Jackson couldn't handle that.

Sheila E. Looked freaking amazing in a purple dress n killed it with "Glamorous Life". Ooh la la.

The website was being shown off by one of the tech guys n people were allowed free reign. It seems like it should launch in March and some pretty killer footage is on it. I suck at mac's so my experience was limited. ;(

Here the party may be continuing at 77......

More coming later. Oh yea how did those in attendance like that Coachella footage? Ok I said too much. See you all soon.-Dr.FB