Prince Throws Down His Own Symposium Of Funk

Prince brought the funk with him to the Conga Room.

"Oldskoolcompany" kicked off the night again. Was that "Gett Off" I heard on guitar when going into the groove a few times? Slammin'!

At one point during "Musicology", a dance party took place on stage with the likes of Tavis n Dr. West just straight getting down. You had to see the dance he was doing during "Play That Funky Music", it was just too much.Cedric the Entertainer n Jesse Jackson couldn't handle that.

Sheila E. Looked freaking amazing in a purple dress n killed it with "Glamorous Life". Ooh la la.

The website was being shown off by one of the tech guys n people were allowed free reign. It seems like it should launch in March and some pretty killer footage is on it. I suck at mac's so my experience was limited. ;(

Here the party may be continuing at 77......

More coming later. Oh yea how did those in attendance like that Coachella footage? Ok I said too much. See you all soon.-Dr.FB