Chris Henry Passes Away

Chris Henry died tragically after being thrown from the back of a pick up truck on Wednesday.  It is reported that he passed away Thursday morning although reports circulated late Wednesday that he had died.

Regardless, it seems that Chris Henry was getting his life back on track after having about 14 arrests in a 3 year span.

Chad Ochocinco got emotional when talking with reporters and we have learned that Chad wants to wear Henry's jersey of number 15 at Sunday's game.  It is unknown if the NFL will let him wear it but hopefully they will put stupid rules aside so a friend can honor his fallen teammate.  They will be wearing number 15 stickers on their helmets and pins to honor Henry as they play the San Diego Chargers this weekend.

The Cincinnati Bengals will be dedicating the season to Henry and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer's wife, who died suddenly earlier this year.-Dr.FB